Scam guides target trade yet again

09 August 2010

AFTER more than a decade of targeting unsuspecting dealers, scam advertising company European City Guide have struck again.


Police seek man in connection with lighting scam

04 May 2010

POLICE want to speak to this man, pictured right, in connection with a scam that has taken in several of London’s West End dealers.

Auctioneer issues warning after violent knife attack

22 December 2009

Auctioneer Nick Hall of Frank Marshall in Knutsford has issued a warning to dealers and auctioneers to be wary of bogus appointments after he was the victim of a vicious attack.


Be wary of Churchill funeral pamphlets arriving by mail

02 November 2009

AUCTIONEERS across the country have recently been the recipients of this potentially interesting document, a copy of The Order of Service for the Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, 30th January 1965.

Stolen chequebook used to by antiques in Shropshire

24 August 2009

A STOLEN chequebook has been used to purchase items from at least two antiques shops in Ludlow, Shropshire.

Dealer who bounced cheque defends himself over ‘hiccup’

20 July 2009

THE dealer who bounced a cheque at Durrants Auction Rooms, reported in last week's ATG has come forward to say it was a 'hiccup' and the bill will be paid.

Auction house issues alert over cheque bouncer

13 July 2009

DURRANTS Auction Rooms have issued an alert about a man claiming to be an antiques dealer from Belgium, who has recently bounced a cheque for nearly £3500 at their rooms.


Dealer jailed for ten years over £1.9m fraud

14 April 2009

A BANKRUPT Suffolk antiques dealer who went on the run to Bulgaria after swindling creditors in a £1.9m fraud has been jailed for ten years.

Hay case fears as government bows to EU rules on extradition

30 March 2009

THE UK government has acceded to European Union rules which would see the extradition of suspects like antiquities dealer Malcolm Hay.


New scam guide targets art and antiques trade

06 November 2008

A NEW European-based listings con has emerged that has all the hallmarks of the previous scam guides which have been targeting dealers for years.

Money laundering alert as dealer spots con

10 December 2007

SPECIALIST glass dealer Ron Wheeler is alerting the trade to a possible scam after being approached via email by someone looking for gifts.

Kent dealer falls victim to sting

26 November 2007

A Kent dealer has fallen victim to a thief whose practised deception suggests he will strike again.

Scam alert

24 September 2007

EXHIBITORS booked for the forthcoming NEC Birmingham and LAPADA Cheltenham fairs are being targeted by Austrian-based scam guide FAIR Guide.


Be aware of Drunken Bricklayers on eBay

18 September 2007

Readers are advised to be wary of cut-price Whitefriars Drunken Bricklayer vases – they may be fakes.

Antiquities fraudster confesses guilt

06 August 2007

A MAN has pleaded guilty to defrauding dealers, auction houses, museums, and art galleries over a 17-year period.

Breakthrough on scam guides

16 April 2007

AT last, after nearly a decade of investigating their dubious practices, ATG can report that Austrian scam guide firm Construct Data/Fairguide have been brought to book.

eBay tighten feedback system as fraud spreads

29 January 2007

Ebay are to pilot a new feedback system in the UK in late February as part of what they say is a more proactive approach to issues of fraud and safety on the site.

Official Receiver to investigate rogue bidder

22 January 2007

A STRING of auction houses have come forward to tell of unpaid lots by rogue bidder Mark Wilson since ATG reported the issue.

Ebay escrow scam claims £12,000 victim

02 September 2006

EBAY users are warned to exercise particular vigilance in online payment transactions following the emergence of a new high-tech scam that has already claimed several victims. The latest fraud to hit the online marketplace involves the replication of pages from the website eBay recommends for escrow transactions.

€5bn scandal rocks trade in stamps

15 May 2006

THE world stamp market is reeling this week after what could prove to be a €5bn pyramid selling scheme was unmasked in Spain.