Ivory regulation


‘Quick, affordable’ registration process for ivory

18 June 2018

MPs have called for a “quick, affordable and not too bureaucratic” registration process for items containing less than 10% ivory under the bill that will usher in a near-total ban on the trade in ivory objects.

ATG letter: Duplicated emails dominated ivory consultation responses

18 June 2018

MADAM – The consultation by DEFRA on the proposed government ivory ban seemingly gave no information for or against a total ban on ivory which could help respondents have an informed opinion.


Ivory bill amendments head to committee stage in parliament

12 June 2018

The ivory bill will be discussed in detail by 19 MPs as it reaches committee stage in parliament today.


MPs consider extending ivory ban to more species

11 June 2018

The bill that will mean a near-total ban on the sale of African elephant ivory could be extended to include other ivory-bearing species before it becomes law.


Three hour ivory bill debate brings cross-party support in parliament

05 June 2018

The bill that will mean a near total ban on the sale of ivory passed its second reading in parliament with unanimous support last night.


Antiques dealer highlights “nightmare” red tape of ivory ban on BBC politics show ahead of parliamentary debate

04 June 2018

Antiques dealer Michael Baggott has highlighted on national television the huge amount of bureaucracy that will ensue when the proposed ivory ban becomes law.


ATG letter: Black Mambas tackle poaching

04 June 2018

MADAM – As a museum service curator of 40 years’ standing, with a special interest in British and Chinese decorative arts from 1500 to 1760, now retired but continuing my scholarly research as before, I have been following the debate on the ivory ban in the Antiques Trade Gazette, of which I am a long-term subscriber.

Trade associations press ahead with legal challenge as ivory bill published

28 May 2018

The art and antiques trade associations are in a race against time in their bid to challenge aspects of the government’s planned ivory ban. The bill was published last week, earlier than expected.

Ivory ban: What we now know

28 May 2018

The 57-page UK ivory ban bill which was published last week deviates little from the proposals announced in April. Here ATG picks out some important points to note.


ATG letter: Mixed messages on the ivory ban

28 May 2018

MADAM – I have a deep concern that our political masters do not properly understand what they are proposing to unleash with their submission to well-meaning but ill-informed pressure groups over the ‘total’ ban on the sale of ivory in this country.

ATG letter: We are teaming up for impending fightback

28 May 2018

MADAM – Thank you for publishing our letter (ATG No 2341), in which we outlined why the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association intended to seek legal advice on the government’s proposed ivory ban.


Government launches bill for “one of the toughest bans on ivory sales in the world”

23 May 2018

The government will launch its Ivory Bill in parliament today in a move that environment secretary Michael Gove described as “one of the toughest bans on ivory sales in the world”.

ATG letter: Ban is all for show, no action

21 May 2018

MADAM – The government’s desire to enact a ban on the UK trade in ivory, including antique ivory, means that they can publicly demonstrate they have stood up to the ivory lobby and ‘bravely’ taken action in the cause of saving the elephant while, at the same time, avoiding the action that they should have taken.

BADA says ivory ban fighting fund is receiving ‘positive response’

14 May 2018

A campaign to raise funds for legal advice on the government’s ivory ban proposals has received “a positive response”, according to dealer body BADA, which is organising the endeavour on behalf of the antiques sector.


ATG letter: Join us in funding legal challenge over ivory ban

14 May 2018

MADAM – We have been following the ivory debate in your pages with anxious concern, in spite of being specialists in vernacular, naive and folk art, whose business would rarely be directly impacted by the near-total ivory ban planned by the government.

ATG letter: UK ivory trade ban won’t aid elephant populations

14 May 2018

MADAM – May I please offer three cheers to your correspondent, Edric van Vredenburgh, who has put his finger firmly on a fundamental flaw in our government’s proposed new legislation on ivory (ATG No 2337).

ATG letter: Legal case over ivory ban is too late now

14 May 2018

MADAM – John Lewis’ letter (ATG No 2341) in which the chairman of the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association reveals he is seeking counsel’s opinion, in respect of a legal challenge to the proposed ivory trade ban, raises three key questions:

Stakeholders consider legal action on ivory

07 May 2018

Trade bodies whose members will be affected by the government’s plan for a near-total UK ban on the sale of ivory are seeking legal advice on challenging the proposals before they become law.


ATG letter: Why museum ivory fears are misguided

07 May 2018

MADAM – Michael Baggott’s recent letter about the potential adverse impact of the ivory sales ban on the display of ivory pieces by museums is, with respect, misguided.

ATG letter: Join us in ivory trade ban legal challenge

07 May 2018

MADAM – The Public Monuments & Sculpture Association shares many of the concerns which have been expressed in your letters pages since the last statements from Defra on the ivory issue.