Fakes and forgeries

Multi-million pound fakes trial starts in Germany

12 September 2011

FOUR people have gone on trial in Germany on charges linked to a multi-million pound art fraud exposed as a result of scientific testing on paint.

Bonhams announce partnership with Cranfield University to help identify fakes

23 May 2011

BONHAMS are to work with Cranfield University in Bedfordshire with the aim of making new technological advancements for authenticating porcelain more accessible for use in the art market.

Police make arrest in fake Churchill investigation

14 February 2011

OFFICERS from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Art and Antiques Unit have arrested a man in connection with the sale of fake Churchill memorabilia.


Neptune buy back fake Lowry

15 November 2010

YOU’D have thought he’d be glad to see the back of it. But duped art dealer David Smith of Neptune Fine Art has bought back the fake Lowry picture he originally purchased for £330,000.

Three arrested in German multi-million forgery case

25 October 2010

THREE people have been arrested in Germany in connection with a multi-million pound art fraud involving a number of apparently major 20th century oils sold on the international market in recent years.

Ashley-Russell centre stage at seminar

04 October 2010

THE Ashley-Russell case will be the focus of the next Fakes and Forgeries seminar at Goldsmiths' Hall in London on November 22.


Chinese up the stakes in war against fakes

20 September 2010

EXPERIMENTAL technology designed to determine the age of ceramics by scientific means is now being put to use at the heart of the Chinese works of art trade.


Buyers tackle fakes after eBay fail to act on complaints

13 April 2010

EBAY buyers have taken matters into their own hands after the online giant failed to act against sales of fakes, despite being alerted to the problem on numerous occasions.

Fake Olympic medals appearing on eBay

18 January 2010

SPECIALIST dealers believe fake medals from the XXIXth Olympiad in Beijing are appearing for sale on eBay.

New scientific technique for spotting fakes using ‘visual signature’

18 January 2010

SCIENTISTS in the United States have unveiled a ground-breaking piece of technology to identify fake pictures.

V&A to stage fakes show

22 December 2009

THE V&A is to put on an exhibition of fakes curated by the Metropolitan Police Service's Art and Antiques Unit.

Tide turns against eBay over fakes

28 September 2009

ON September 17, eBay delivered a petition to the European parliament demanding a law change to stop luxury brands controlling where their goods are sold.


Fake repeating clocks emerge on eBay

01 September 2009

A NEW crop of fake carriage clocks, believed to be made in China, has appeared on eBay.

EBay call on antiques industry to help them beat counterfeits

08 June 2009

EBAY UK have launched a new anti-counterfeit campaign and want to work closely with the antiques industry to beat the fakers.

French court turns in favour of eBay over fakes

26 May 2009

THE tide has turned in favour of eBay in the legal war over the sale of counterfeit goods on their site after a French court backed them against L’Oreal.

Detectorist jailed over coins fraud

26 May 2009

A metal detector enthusiast who pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud has been jailed for six months for selling modern fakes.


Ashley-Russell’s fake punches are published

30 March 2009

Six months after the most significant hallmarking deception case in living memory, the Assay Office has published a guide detailing many of the Peter Ashley-Russell fakes and forgeries. The document is available to download for free at


Dealer duped in fake Lowry case

16 March 2009

DAVID Smith of Neptune Fine Art, the dealer who was duped into buying a fake Lowry painting, has told ATG that potential buyers should be exceptionally careful when considering purchasing a Lowry painting.


New Troika fakes emerge on eBay

26 January 2009

Readers are being urged to be aware of a new batch of counterfeit Troika wares that are being offered for sale on eBay.


Fresh alert over fake Lenkiewicz paintings

20 October 2008

The Lenkiewicz Foundation have exposed two fake Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) portraits after they were seen advertised for sale on a dealer's website. The dealer immediately withdrew the two paintings, a self-portrait and Study of Lisa Stokes, once contacted by the foundation.