Artists Resale Right

Living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a resale royalty each time their work is sold.

The charge applies to the sale of original works of art made via transactions conducted by both dealers and auctioneers.

Government to review details of art resale levy

13 June 2005

MONTHS of lobbying and debate over droit de suite have now come to an an end. Parties on all sides have submitted their views to the Patent Office on how the art resale levy should be introduced into the UK and administered.

Tory manifesto arts pledges

19 April 2005

The Conservatives have vowed to fight Droit de Suite in their election manifesto. “Conservatives believe the Artist’s Resale Right will be highly detrimental to the British art market, and will benefit competitors outside the EU,” the manifesto reads.

New study shows art resale tax will damage market: Statistics show that rate cap will not protect top end of market

21 February 2005

A GROUND-BREAKING study into the likely effects of a new levy on art shows it could seriously damage the UK market and cost jobs.

Strasbourg blow over droit de suite

19 December 2000

THE British Art Market Federation has expressed disappointment as the European Parliament is seeking to reverse special provisions for the UK concerning droit de suite, the artists’ resale levy.

Artists against Droit de Suite

04 December 2000

SEVENTY-FIVE leading contemporary artists have lent their names to a poster campaign against droit de suite, claiming that the currrent EU directive on artists’ resale right deprives them of their right to freedom of choice.

BAMF keeps up the pressure on the EU over droit de suite

31 October 2000

ANTHONY Browne, chairman of the British Art Federation, has just led a delegation of art dealers to Strasbourg to lobby the European Parliament further on the artists’ resale levy, droit de suite.

Call to drop droit de suite as third bid for vote fails

01 November 1999

EU: THE British Art Market Federation wants the European Union to abandon its bid to impose the artists’ resale rights on the UK after member states again failed to vote on the measure on Thursday.

Droit de suite dropped as pressure pays off

28 June 1999

EU: THE PROSPECT of droit de suite spreading throughout the European Union receded last week when the Internal Market Council found that resistance to the principle of artists’ resale rights had grown and the measure was shelved.