Artists Resale Right

Living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a resale royalty each time their work is sold.

The charge applies to the sale of original works of art made via transactions conducted by both dealers and auctioneers.

Irish Government decides to extend Resale Right derogation

19 January 2009

The Irish Government have decided to go the same way as the UK in not applying the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) to the heirs of dead artists until 2012. The extension means that ARR will continue to apply to works by living artists only.

Government to exclude artists’ heirs from resale right until 2012

05 January 2009

The British Government have notified the European Commission that they will not apply the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) to the heirs of dead artists until 2012.

ATG Comment: Government to decide on Resale Right extension

01 December 2008

IN the next week or so, the British Government must decide whether 2010 or 2012 is the right time for the Artist’s Resale Right to be extended to the heirs of artists who have been dead for less than 70 years.

Sarkozy starts new fight against Resale Right for artists’ heirs

27 October 2008

PERSONAL intervention by French President Nicolas Sarkozy has raised the stakes in the battle over extending the Artist’s Resale Right (Droit de Suite) to the heirs of dead artists.

Campaigners hopeful on resale right extension

22 September 2008

THE British Art Market Federation and other campaigners are cautiously optimistic that the government will agree not to extend the Artist’s Resale Right to the heirs of artists who have been dead for less than 70 years until 2012.

Government urges caution on resale right

14 July 2008

The Government confirmed last week that it is not currently in favour of extending the artists’ resale rights scheme from 2010 to include the heirs of artists.

Confusion over Artist’s Resale Right in Ireland

21 April 2008

Nearly two years after its rushed introduction in the Republic of Ireland, the Artist’s Resale Right is still causing confusion among auctioneers, dealers, artists and aministrators.

Surveys take different views of Resale Right

14 April 2008

THE French government’s change of heart over the Artist’s Resale Right is being hailed a sea change by fellow ‘anti’ campaigners.


Study shows Artist’s Resale Right needs overhaul

25 February 2008

Dealers say ARR is damaging emerging artists’ interests

Artists’ Collecting Society complete first year of resale payouts

23 July 2007

THE Artists’ Collecting Society have completed their first year of collecting and paying out the Artists’ Resale Right. They have now been given the mandate to collect the resale right by 200 artists, including well known names like Lucien Freud and Anthony Caro.

Resale right is hurting us, say London art dealers

09 July 2007

FOR the third time this year, a dealers’ survey has highlighted the unpopularity of the Artist’s Resale Right in the trade and the indifference of a majority artists to the ruling.

New guidelines aim to clear up confusion over prints and resale levy

26 March 2007

THE leading dealer associations have drawn up guidelines to clarify the position on how the artists’ resale levy applies to sales of prints.

Droit de Suite nets £1m in its first year

03 January 2007

THE British art trade has paid out over £1m since Droit de Suite came into force at the start of the year. Despite some initial bureaucratic difficulties, the Artists’ Resale Right appears to have been implemented more smoothly in Britain than in other European countries.


The ideal stocking filler for the art market

18 December 2006

JUST in time for Christmas – the perfect stocking filler for every art dealer, collector and art market professional.

Dealers bid to cut out art heirs forever

16 October 2006

DEALERS from all over Europe have launched a campaign to get rid of the resale right enjoyed by the heirs of dead artists.

New deal limits artists’ resale levy on prints

02 October 2006

NEW guidelines limiting the types of print that can attract the Artist’s Resale Right have come into force. They restrict qualifying works to those where the artist has been directly involved in preparing the matrix – the inked surface used in printing.

DACS distribute £65,000 in resale rights

11 September 2006

THE Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) has made its second Droit de Suite pay-out to artists. It means that the collecting agency has now distributed over £65,000 since the resale levy was implemented in February. More than 140 artists have now received payments from DACS.

DACS make first pay-outs to artists

10 July 2006

THE Design and Artist's Copyright Society (DACS) have made their first pay-outs to artists for the Droit de Suite resale levy.

Australia reject resale royalty but invest A$6m in artists instead

22 May 2006

AUSTRALIA have rejected Droit de Suite.

Bridgeman launch agency to rival DACS

22 May 2006

THE launch of a new collecting agency for the artist’s resale levy has broken the monopoly of The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS). The Bridgeman Art Library, one of the world’s leading sources of fine art images, told ATG that they have set up a new company called Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) to collect the levy on behalf of artists in the UK.