Artists Resale Right

Living artists and the descendants of artists deceased within the last 70 years are entitled to receive a resale royalty each time their work is sold.

The charge applies to the sale of original works of art made via transactions conducted by both dealers and auctioneers.

Brexit hopes of Artist’s Resale Right demise may be premature – but it could be amended

05 April 2017

In ATG’s coverage of Brexit in the past year, we regularly asked which EU-inspired law we could most live without. Unanimously the response was Artist’s Resale Right, a royalty on the resale of art hammered above €1000.


French court rules artist's resale rights must be paid by the sellers

31 March 2017

The French law that states vendors should pay Droit de Suite has been affirmed by a Versailles court.

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Art and antiques leaders call for 'cool heads and steady hands' after UK votes to leave EU

24 June 2016

Art and antiques industry figures are urging “cool heads and steady hands” in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, while stressing the UK’s continued prominence in the global art market.

Artists Resale Right royalties

£50m collected in decade of Artist’s Resale Right

24 February 2016

A decade on since Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) was launched in the UK, over £50m has been collected from auctions and dealers for artists and their heirs.

California resale right remains with new limits

22 June 2015

The US Court of Appeals has ruled that the California Resale Royalty Act (CRRA) can stand but apply only to sales made within the state and not to those made out-of-state by California residents.

Poor response to IPO study leaves ARR campaign in limbo

24 November 2014

Only 53 individuals and organisations submitted evidence for the impact study on the Artist’s Resale Right, the Intellectual Property Office has revealed as it published results last week.

Trade figures show Artist's Resale Right hurting UK

10 November 2014

A new report on the British art market shows the United States and China pulling away from the UK – the world’s third biggest player – as global business expands.

Why the British art and antiques industry is not helping itself

07 November 2014

Antiques Trade Gazette Editor Ivan Macquisten explains why leading dealers and auctioneers need to rethink their strategy if they want to get public opinion on their side

Dealers avoid ARR at their peril

28 April 2014

COMMENT - As a relentless campaigner against the Artist’s Resale Right, IVAN MACQUISTEN explains why the trade should not avoid paying it now

Whitehall launches Artist's Resale Right review

15 April 2014

Intellectual Property Office launches consultation on impact of levy for European Union review

Bid to make sellers liable for Resale Right

28 March 2014

The French courts have asked the European Court of Justice to rule on whether auctioneers can be prevented from passing on the Artist’s Resale Right charge to buyers.

Recovery more muted say London art dealers

18 July 2013

Business is continuing to improve but the rate of recovery has slowed among London’s fine art dealers, their trade association’s latest survey reveals.

Trade bid for rise in ARR threshold

13 May 2013

Art dealer Niall Fairhead is leading a new campaign to persuade the Government to raise the Artist’s Resale Right threshold from €1000 to the €3000 stipulated by the European Commission.


Artist’s Resale Right: good intentions, bad law

31 October 2012

PERSONAL VIEW: Simon Stokes, who has just published his updated legal guide, puts the whole issue of the Artist’s Resale Right in context.

If you think you have it bad in the UK…

31 October 2012

PERSONAL VIEW: Jolyon Warwick James, President of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers’ Association (AAADA, NSW Chapter) and chairman of the Australian Antiques and Art Market Federation (AAAMF), examines the problems with the Artist’s Resale Right in Australia.

Resale Right guide update

17 September 2012

Leading copyright lawyer Simon Stokes has just published the Second Edition of ‘Artist’s Resale Right’, the industry guide to the law as it applies to Droit de Suite.

Government says no to dealers’ Resale Right postcard campaign

02 July 2012

Baroness Wilcox, the minister responsible for the Artist’s Resale Right, has told postcard campaigner Niall Fairhead that the Government won’t change the qualifying threshold for the levy.

Statement in response to Artist’s Resale Right postcard campaign

02 July 2012

Below is the full text of the statement made by Baroness Wilcox, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, on June 14, 2012.

Government's inadequate response to Resale Right campaign

19 June 2012

COMMENT: As reported last week, the postcard campaign launched by art dealer Niall Fairhead in a bid to raise the threshold for the Artist's Resale Right has made progress, attracting more signatories for the online petition and eliciting answers from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).


ARR postcard campaign starts to hit home

12 June 2012

Close to 800 postcards in the Artist’s Resale Right campaign have already arrived at the Department of Culture, with more on the way.