Endangered species: ivory


Ivory: Lords speak out against ‘kafkaesque’ registration rules

23 July 2018

The so-called de minimis rule – the requirement to register items containing less than 10% of ivory prior to sale – has been criticised in the House of Lords as the ivory bill continues its progress through parliament.

Houses of Parliament

Ivory bill's "kafkaesque process of registration" criticised in House of Lords

18 July 2018

Members of the House of Lords have called for amendments to the bill to ban the trade in objects made of or containing ivory.


Lords to table ivory bill amendments

09 July 2018

The House of Lords plans to recommend amendments to the ivory bill in the hope that it will be “less damaging” to the art and antiques trade.


Ivory ban ‘is a purely opportunistic move’

09 July 2018

MADAM – I write in support of the views expressed in BADA chairman Michael Cohen’s letter (ATG No 2349), written in response to another letter supporting the ban (ATG No 2348).

Alastair Gibson

Dealer launches petition to demand change to government ivory trade ban bill

05 July 2018

Asian art dealer Alastair Gibson has launched a petition to lobby parliament to change an amendment contained in the ivory bill.


Government to consult on extending ivory ban to more species

04 July 2018

The near-total ivory ban is expected to be extended to cover other ivory bearing species such as hippos, walruses and narwhals after the government announced it will hold a consultation.

Michael Cohen

On the battle for antique ivory: an appeal from BADA’s chairman

02 July 2018

BADA and other trade bodies have raised half the money needed for a judicial review of the ivory ban. Here, BADA’s chairman Michael Cohen argues the battle is not lost and why dealers should continue to support, financially and otherwise, the trade bodies’ efforts.


Netsuke conference pulls out of London over ivory law change

02 July 2018

The government’s imminent ivory law change has forced an international collectors’ conference to pull out of London and move overseas.


ATG letter: Clarity needed over museum's ivory stance

02 July 2018

MADAM – News that the British Museum is to accept the donation of more than 500 Chinese ivory figures from the Sir Victor Sassoon collection, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries, is to be welcomed… to a degree!

ATG letter: countering the simplistic view about the banning of ivory

02 July 2018

MADAM – I am writing to counter the simplistic view espoused by Niall Milligan concerning the banning of ivory (Letters, ATG No 2348).


Counsel says wait for ivory challenge

02 July 2018

Trade bodies seeking to legally challenge the government’s plan for a near-total UK ban on the sale of ivory have been told they must wait until the bill receives Royal Assent.

Ivory plaque

British Museum accepts 550-piece collection of ivory works of art ahead of UK trade ban

28 June 2018

A vast collection of ivories from The Sir Victor Sassoon Chinese Ivories Trust will be going on display at the British Museum after it acquired the collection earlier this year.


ATG letters: Trade vested interests must accept ivory ban

25 June 2018

MADAM – Despite extensive editorial coverage as well as correspondence in Antiques Trade Gazette, the debate on banning ivory seems to lack balance.


‘Quick, affordable’ registration process for ivory

18 June 2018

MPs have called for a “quick, affordable and not too bureaucratic” registration process for items containing less than 10% ivory under the bill that will usher in a near-total ban on the trade in ivory objects.

ATG letter: Duplicated emails dominated ivory consultation responses

18 June 2018

MADAM – The consultation by DEFRA on the proposed government ivory ban seemingly gave no information for or against a total ban on ivory which could help respondents have an informed opinion.


Ivory bill amendments head to committee stage in parliament

12 June 2018

The ivory bill will be discussed in detail by 19 MPs as it reaches committee stage in parliament today.


MPs consider extending ivory ban to more species

11 June 2018

The bill that will mean a near-total ban on the sale of African elephant ivory could be extended to include other ivory-bearing species before it becomes law.


Three hour ivory bill debate brings cross-party support in parliament

05 June 2018

The bill that will mean a near total ban on the sale of ivory passed its second reading in parliament with unanimous support last night.


Antiques dealer highlights “nightmare” red tape of ivory ban on BBC politics show ahead of parliamentary debate

04 June 2018

Antiques dealer Michael Baggott has highlighted on national television the huge amount of bureaucracy that will ensue when the proposed ivory ban becomes law.


ATG letter: Black Mambas tackle poaching

04 June 2018

MADAM – As a museum service curator of 40 years’ standing, with a special interest in British and Chinese decorative arts from 1500 to 1760, now retired but continuing my scholarly research as before, I have been following the debate on the ivory ban in the Antiques Trade Gazette, of which I am a long-term subscriber.