Delivery and Shipping

When it comes to transporting fine art and antiques, plenty of shipping companies offer services specially tailored for the industry. A list of shippers can be found on this website.


ATG letter: Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping

20 June 2022

In many ways the advance of online auction platforms has been good all round, and most auction houses have stepped up to the mark with good liaison with regard to condition reports, efficient billing, and shipping purchases at realistic prices. I factor such in-house shipping costs into my bidding.

Shipping of artworks

‘Breakthrough’ for shipping art by sea

13 June 2022

Plans to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of the art and antiques sector by cutting air freight have been put forward by a group of art market businesses.


ATG letter: Let a ship take the strain to cut the stress

02 May 2022

I have been greatly heartened by the news that Christie’s is to trial shipping by sea freight with a view to reducing the environmental impact of existing systems of packing and transport (front page, ATG No 2539).

Christie's packing crates

Christie’s to trial shipping by sea freight to reduce carbon emissions

18 April 2022

Christie’s is to trial moving art works by sea rather than air, with the aim of drastically reducing its carbon emissions. It estimates that the switch could reduce the environmental impact by 80%.

Packing cases

Have your say on the government’s plan for a single export and import regulation system

01 February 2022

The UK government is consulting on its plans for a new system to help traders with imports and exports.

Royal Mail website

Royal Mail blip adds books to EU banned list

06 December 2021

Art and antiques dealers were temporarily banned from sending items to certain European countries after a botched list was published by the Royal Mail.


ATG letter: Brexit means the correct tariff code and full commercial invoice is crucial when posting

15 November 2021

I have been a collector of early old Sheffield plate of the first period, for more than 50 years, and continue to buy at online UK auctions. I am resident in France.


Shipping and delivery: How to go green when transporting art

24 May 2021

Much is made about the green credentials of antiques but transporting them can affect their carbon footprint

Gander & White’s lorry

Logistics and delivery firms say business is slowly getting better

24 May 2021

Green issues are coming to the fore but the focus for art and antiques delivery firms in the past year has been dealing with Brexit and the pandemic.

Cromwell Place

Cromwell Place import tax deal boosts storage role

26 April 2021

Art hub Cromwell Place has received approval from HMRC to operate an official Customs warehouse.

Daniel Quare pocket watch

Plea to help track down stolen Daniel Quare pocket watch

20 March 2021

A Daniel Quare pocket watch has gone missing in transit and its owner hopes the trade may help locate it.

Scottish lockdown changes as click-and-collect services halted

18 January 2021

Click-and-collect services from non-essential retail will now no longer be allowed in Scotland.


Shipping & delivery: New world border

14 December 2020

Deal or no-deal, logistics firms are as prepared as they can be for any eventuality for Brexit post-December 31


Brexit: Imports and Exports from January 1

14 December 2020

A number of changes will affect the import and export of goods from January 1, 2021, when items moving between the UK and the EU will have to undergo customs formalities and border control, like any other country.


Lock and load up: how delivery firms have adapted their services to the art and antiques trade during the lockdown

06 July 2020

Fitting delivery vans with showers and toilets was just one of the innovative solutions that haulage and logistics firms had to improvise to keep their vital services running for the art and antiques trade.


The situation evolves – but safe delivery options are available

06 April 2020

Given the government’s strict guidelines on social distancing, what delivery options can art and antiques buyers use during the lockdown period?


How charging a lot for packing could cost you much more in the long term

20 January 2020

MADAM – I am a regular user of various online sites that facilitate distant bidding. I have noticed a huge disparity between auction houses that recognise that the bigger the audience, the greater chance of higher prices for the lots on sale – and therefore the chance of increased buyer’s premium earnings – and those that seem to regard bidders using delivery services as a cash cow to be milked through ‘shipping costs’.


Moving stories

24 June 2019

Whether it’s delivering a 12ft long model ship or taking a dining table from Paris to London, getting a prized item from A to B safely is vital. We also report on latest developments in art insurance.

No antiques exemption for knife shipping

23 July 2018

An update to the offensive weapons bill (2017-19) could have a negative impact on the shipping of antique swords and knives.


Shipping and delivery: rising expectations of the moving experience

25 June 2018

How can art and antique buyers ensure their purchases arrive in the same condition as when they were bought, at a competitive price? ATG explores some options...