Art finance

Financial arrangements regarding the buying and selling of art have their roots in old-school pawnbrokers. Practices have greatly developed over the years and now encompass art loans and guarantees underwritten by auctioneers or third parties.

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Thin sales indicate slump in Russian market

08 June 2015

The slump in the Russian art market was laid bare last week. The total for the latest auction series in London was a third of the equivalent sales in 2014.

Tad Smith gives clues on Sotheby’s future

26 May 2015

Sotheby’s latest set of results give the first indication of how Tad Smith will direct the company.

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Pointing to a new pricing territory at flagship auction fortnight in New York

18 May 2015

The latest Modern and Contemporary art auctions in New York took the market to new heights with $2.73bn (£1.84bn) changing hands over two weeks of flagship sales.

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Christie’s billion dollar week of sales as Contemporary art market inflates further

14 May 2015

Christie’s evening sale of post-war and Contemporary art last night posted a premium-inclusive total of $658.5m (£445m) as the bumper fortnight of auctions continued in New York.

Online market totals $2.64bn says survey

11 May 2015

Global online art sales grew by 68% in 2014 to total $2.64bn, say Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, in their third annual survey of the market.

Philadelphia flagship show shelved

18 March 2015

The April staging of the ‘Philadelphia Antiques Show’, one of America’s premier antiques events, has been cancelled. The fair, faced with falling dealer and visitor numbers in recent years, hopes to return in 2016 at a new venue with a broader exhibitor base.

London/New York trade gap for pictures trebles in a year to £736m

16 March 2015

Stable year-on-year values across art and antique exports as a whole mask major changes in influence among the UK’s trading partners in 2014.

What the TEFAF Art Market 2015 Report tells us

11 March 2015

COMMENT: The TEFAF Report shows that the art market has fully recovered since the 2008 financial crash, but still faces a number of challenges, such as late or non-payment.

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TEFAF Report 2015: Global art market grows 7% in 2014

11 March 2015

Post-War and Contemporary art accounts for almost half of total spend at auction

Sotheby’s seek new growth in middle market

09 March 2015

Sotheby’s year-end results for 2014 signal a refocus of activity to encompass much more of the middle market than in recent years.

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A £15,000 disturbance in the market force

13 February 2015

Nostalgia is an important part of toy collecting, one that encourages otherwise fiscally astute middle-aged men to part with large sums of money for unblemished versions of the toys they had – or wished they had – as children.

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Sotheby’s set £27m Richter record

11 February 2015

A large abstract painting by Gerhard Richter drew dramatic bidding last night and led Sotheby’s Contemporary art evening sale when it was knocked down at £27m.

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Coin and medal sales double in a decade for UK

10 February 2015

Sales of coins and medals at UK auctions have doubled in value over the past decade to £44.7m.

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Artcurial pass Christie’s in French auctions as Sotheby’s lead the field

03 February 2015

Strong sales of Modern and Contemporary art plus the Félix Marcilhac decorative arts collection helped propel Sotheby’s to the highest auction total in France in 2014, with sales figures of €213m.

Heritage report $969m in annual sales

22 January 2015

Heritage Auctions of Dallas and New York have reported their best year ever in 2014, with sales topping $969m.

Lesters blame market forces as they cancel American International Fine Art Fair at 11th hour

21 January 2015

David and Lee Ann Lester have cancelled their American International Fine Art Fair in Palm Beach, Florida at the last moment, citing changing market forces.

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Asian buyers the key to growth, say Christie’s

20 January 2015

Christie’s expect the influence of Asian buyers to be at the forefront of growth in the coming year as they report £5.1bn/$8.4bn total sales for the company in 2014.

£3.7bn/$6bn auction total for Sotheby’s in 2014

20 January 2015

Sotheby’s, who have yet to publish full results for 2014, have announced headline figures for auction sales (up 18% at £3.7bn/$6bn), their highest ever total.

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Global sales at Spink hit £29m in strong coins and stamps market

19 January 2015

Philatelic and numismatic specialists Spink have posted annual sales figures of just under £29m.

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Asian art and jewellery drive regional sales in 2014

16 January 2015

Annual auction totals hold steady across provincial salerooms.



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