Art finance

Financial arrangements regarding the buying and selling of art have their roots in old-school pawnbrokers. Practices have greatly developed over the years and now encompass art loans and guarantees underwritten by auctioneers or third parties.


Where are the new big hitters?

30 July 2005

The latest round of golf sales held up in Scotland threw up a now-familiar pattern of mixed results.

Cross-border trade steps up a gear in 2004

06 July 2005

Non-EU imports and exports rise, with surges for Switzerland and others SLIGHT rises in UK art and antiques import and export totals for 2004 hide far more dramatic swings when assessed on a nation-by-nation basis.


Mollino magic doubles record

21 June 2005

JUNE has been quite a month for record-breaking results in 20th century design.


From scrap metal to pure gold at £28,000

21 June 2005

“The world of enamel signs is like football and this sign is like Manchester United. It's in near-perfect condition and is a remarkable survivor. What were once considered scrap metal are now being seen as the works of art they really are.”

20p – the key to the trade’s future

24 May 2005

Art of Dealing suggests way ahead for the art and antiques industry, and how to pay for it

Commission charges keep Sotheby’s on the right track

18 May 2005

SOTHEBY’S auction and related revenues rose by more than 20 per cent, year on year, for the first quarter of 2005, coming in at $72.2m.


Dollar’s woes forgotten when collectors chase old tools of the trade

13 May 2005

A NUMBER of niche sales in spring once again showed why they are a matter of some envy among other auctioneers whose offerings are far more vulnerable to contrary winds of fashion and the general economy.


Best result in two years as pharmacy fitting gets the hi-tech treatment

06 May 2005

Hobbs Parker, Ashford, April 14. Buyer’s premium: 10 per cent“THE best sale for two years,” said auctioneer Alan White after Hobbs Parker’s April event.


Russian market maintains strength as Muslim coins meet the Zodiac

28 April 2005

A SECTION of the market which is very firm is that for Russian coins. There are a lot of recently enriched Russians who have been able to transfer their wealth out of the country.

Will this buck up business?

28 April 2005

PIMLICO dealer in 1940s design items Alex Von Motke, has suffered as much as anyone else from the dearth of American customers, frightened off by the strength of the pound.

Droit de Suite threat to swathe of trade jobs

19 April 2005

Government report reveals impact of levy... and the cost The introduction of Droit de Suite in the UK could result in the loss of up to ten art dealing jobs for every artist who would benefit from the tax.


Top names and the Nelson touch raise the standard of quarterly sale

24 March 2005

Gilding’s, Market Harborough, March 8, Buyer’s premium: 12.5 per centTHE decision by Leicestershire auctioneers Gilding’s to cut back their fine sales from six a year to quarterly events is perhaps a sign of the times, but the 510 lots offered in March appeared to signal that the shires are weathering the depression.


Single-owner sales rack up for 2005

22 March 2005

2005 looks set to be a bumper year for single-owner sales organised by the London rooms.

Why antiques market is well placed

22 March 2005

THE opportunities for the art and antiques trade in the current retail market are fundamentally good. This is the conclusion drawn by Paul Flatters of the Future Foundation.

Sotheby’s enjoy $100m recovery in profits for 2004

22 March 2005

YEAR-END results for Sotheby’s show a $100m-plus turnaround in profitability for 2004. It’s a figure that many will take as a sign that the formerly ailing auction house has finally shaken off the spectre of scandal and debt.

ASI sold

22 March 2005

Hislop’s Art Sales Index, one of the oldest art price databases, has been sold to arts publisher LTB Holding Ltd.

Collection costs and red tape pose biggest problem over art levy

15 March 2005

TRADE minister Lord Sainsbury has told the House of Commons culture committee that implementing Droit de Suite effectively and comparatively cheaply is now the big challenge facing the Government.


Zorensky mark two maintains momentum

12 March 2005

When Bonhams embarked on their first dispersal of the mammoth Zorensky collection of First Period Worcester, there were murmurings in the trade (and presumably some crossed fingers in the saleroom’s ceramics department).


Why a mighty diamond cut no ice with the Russians in St Moritz

09 March 2005

This year’s jewellery sales in the upscale Swiss winter resort of St Moritz – an annual fixture since 1995 – again fomented plenty of interest among the well-heeled private clientele in town at the height of the skiing season.


Heal’s relive an illustrious history – only the prices have changed

08 March 2005

FAMOUS West End department store Heal’s is the sponsor of the V&A’s major spring exhibition, International Arts and Crafts, which will be held at the museum in South Kensington from March 17 to 24.



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