Arthur Swallow Fairs

Arthur Swallow Fairs organise various shows in the East Midlands which are attended by retail buyers, dealers, designers and prop buyers. The organisers' flagship event is The Lincolnshire Antiques & Home Show.

Swinderby returns to three days

13 June 2005

ARTHUR Swallow Fairs are to return to a three-day Swinderby fair from July – only weeks after cutting it to two in a move they said stallholders welcomed.

No more Sundays at Swinderby

27 April 2005

ARTHUR Swallow Fairs are to cut future Swinderby fairs from three days to two. From the next event in June the RAF Swinderby International Antiques and Collectors’ Fair will be open on the Friday Trade Day and on Saturday but will drop Sunday trading.

Swinderby goes it alone, a week before Newark

20 October 2004

NEXT year Arthur Swallow Fairs’ International Antiques and Collectors’ Fairs at RAF Swinderby will be held almost a full week before the Newark fair.

Expect Swinderby dates this week

13 October 2004

SWALLOW Fairs say they will announce their dates for next year’s International Antiques and Collectors’ Fair at RAF Swinderby this Thursday.