Dealers come in all shapes and forms, from small sole-traders to powerhouse galleries. Both play an integral role in the art and antiques market.

They often specialise in a given fields such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, Asian art or coins but there are also plenty of general dealers operate across different categories.

Geoffrey Munn

Third £1m valuation at BBC’s Antiques Roadshow for Fabergé flower

26 June 2017

The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow witnessed its third £1m valuation while filming at the Black Country Living Museum in the West Midlands last week.

Europe ‘not a haven’ for ancient loot says global trade body

26 June 2017

The global trade body for antiquities dealers has insisted that Europe does not provide a ready market for looted artefacts from conflict zones.

Saved by a tweet: Antiques on High finds new owner

26 June 2017

An Oxford antiques centre facing closure has been rescued after a white knight was made aware of its plight via ATG and Twitter.


Artist’s unconventional move from ZERO to hero

26 June 2017

Walter Leblanc’s (1932-86) paintings and sculptures create illusions of movement through the manipulation of unconventional media. Originally from Antwerp, Leblanc started exhibiting with the ZERO movement in the early 1960s.


5 Questions: Elliott Cass

26 June 2017

Elliott Cass opened Elliott Cass Antique Jewellers, which he runs from home, in 1987 after working for Phillips auctioneers and Bentley and Skinner.


Dealer John Read Smith happy to be on the road

26 June 2017

Travel broadens the mind, they say. Busy dealer John Read Smith believes it.


Specialist dealer with a lot of bottle

26 June 2017

Dealer describes his collecting and selling story ahead of South Yorkshire fair...


Ancient pottery under the spotlight

26 June 2017

Ancient pottery is the most abundant and diverse collecting field to have survived from antiquity. As the first synthetic material created by humans, it spans the entire ancient world, encompassing a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours. From functional household objects to highly prized ceremonial pieces, pottery appeals to both entry level collectors and seasoned buyers. Here ATG puts ancient pottery in the spotlight with a selection of highlights coming up at auctions, fairs and galleries in London this summer.


Vagabond puts down fresh roots

26 June 2017

It is one week since doors opened to his new shop in the West Sussex village of Fittleworth and Joe Chaffer of Vagabond Antiques is in a whirl.


Pictures tell a story at Bermondsey exhibition

26 June 2017

An exhibition of the photographs of Marilyn Stafford travelled from Lucy Bell Fine Art in East Sussex last weekend to reopen in London’s Art Bermondsey Project Space on Tuesday, June 27.


Lowry lights up Clark Art's exhibition featuring northern art stars

26 June 2017

More than 600 people crowded into Clark Art in Cheshire on June 15 for the opening night of its annual exhibition on northern English painting.


Ruff black and white work adds colour to St James’s

26 June 2017

Karen Taylor Fine Art’s exhibition of British drawings, watercolours and oils takes place from 30 June-July 7 at Illustrationcupboard Gallery in St James’s.


New names at Knebworth Park

26 June 2017

Bookings are going well at the Knebworth Park Decorative Salvage and Vintage Fair for Sharon Blagrove, aka Bentleys Fairs.


Interview: How to survive in a climate of fear

26 June 2017

‘How Western Art Collectors are Helping to Fund Isis’ (Guardian), ‘Broken System Allows Isis to Profit from Looted Antiquities’ (New York Times), ‘How Antiquities are Funding Terrorism’ (Financial Times). In 2015, news of looting and the destruction of ancient sites in the Middle East by the fanatical Islamic terrorists Isis began to gain worldwide attention.


Mayfair gallery exhibition links antiquities to contemporary art

26 June 2017

Mixing ancient and new is all the rage. The contemporary art boom has drawn new faces into the antiquities market, changing the way the trade think and display ancient art.


New Charles Ede directors make a past perfect pair

26 June 2017

Charles Ede has bowed out of this week’s Masterpiece London in favour of the trio of TEFAFs. ATG meets two of the directors to find out how a synthesis of ancient and modern can benefit this long-standing family firm.


Edna O’Brien’s 'The Country Girls' trilogy offered at Bristol fair

26 June 2017

Written in 1960, Edna O’Brien’s The Country Girls broke the silence on sex in a socially repressive Ireland, seen through the lives of Kate and Baba, two young Irish country girls yearning for love who move from rural Ireland to Dublin to find it.

Shop owners warned over car parts scam

26 June 2017

London art and antiques galleries have been alerted to a scam that has seen at least four dealers preyed on by tricksters.


20/21 British Art Fair to host ‘select’ event with 34 exhibitors

23 June 2017

A line-up of 34 exhibitors has been announced for the 20/21 British Art fair which returns this autumn after an enforced break.

Oliver Brown

Antique silk top hat seller boosted by Royal Ascot

20 June 2017

London menswear specialist Oliver Brown has been boosted by sales of antique and vintage top hats ahead of racing and society event Royal Ascot which begins today.