Dealers come in all shapes and forms, from small sole-traders to powerhouse galleries. Both play an integral role in the art and antiques market.

They often specialise in a given fields such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, Asian art or coins but there are also plenty of general dealers operate across different categories.

Meanwhile, grass roots grow strong at an English stately home

16 March 2004

THESE are heady times for fairgoers, what with Maastricht, major events in New York and the BADA and Olympia in London. But life goes on, and thrives, nearer the all-important grass roots.

For Dando, animals must take precedence over BADA

16 March 2004

WILTSHIRE ceramics specialist Andrew Dando has been mounting annual selling exhibitions for more than a decade and the tradition goes on in 2004.

East 57th Street, the road to enlightenment

09 March 2004

AFTER opening his gallery in the autumn of 2002 in the Fuller Building, 41 East 57th Street – a hive of Asian activity in New York at this time of year – Carlton Rochell enjoyed a major success last March with his inaugural exhibition of works from the Wesley and Carolyn Halpert Collection.

Tax rebate offer over class action compensation

09 March 2004

TAXES lost to the US government during the American side of the Sotheby’s/Christie’s price-fixing settlement can be retrieved by the British trade say the US company trading in auction house class action certificates.

Partridge head into 2004 with cautious optimism

09 March 2004

PARTRIDGE of Bond Street have registered a 6.8 per cent rise in turnover for 2003, with a pre-tax profit of four per cent.

Grand Tourists sure played a mean pin ball

02 March 2004

BELIEVE it or not pinball wizards are not a louche product of the bars and cafes of the 1930s, they were active in the louche gaming dens of late 18th century Venice, as this fascinating and exceptionally rare Venetian gaming machine, known as a gioco delle biglie, testifies.

LAPADA’s latest survey brings little comfort

01 March 2004

More than half of those of who responded to the latest LAPADA survey have reported a decrease in turnover in 2003. The annual survey sent out in December by the UK’s largest antiques dealer’s association, was this year completed by 158 members – 25 per cent of the association’s membership. Last year, it was 151 members, or 22 per cent, which indicates that the association has lost a net of 54 members – eight per cent – over the past year.

17th century formulae for success

27 February 2004

KENSINGTON ceramics dealer Garry Atkins holds his traditional annual exhibition of English pottery at his gallery at 107 Kensington Church Street, London W8 from March 9 to 20. There are 47 specially chosen items in the catalogue, which is free to those who attend the show or £8 by post.

Making Mayfair affordable

27 February 2004

WHAT a nice idea Mayfair dealers Windsor House Antiques have come up with for their March selling exhibition. In an area of London not renowned for its bargain prices, Windsor House, who have rather grand premises themselves, mount from March 3 to 14 a show entitled Antiques Under £5000.

Sculpture week for London

23 February 2004

NINE prominent London specialist dealers have joined forces to launch London Sculpture Week this June. In recent years a number of such initiatives have been launched successfully to focus attention on an area of expertise in the capital. With increasing interest in sculpture it was thought it was time to highlight London’s considerable credentials in this field.

Instead of a buzz, it’s blizzards at fine-looking Forum fair...

13 February 2004

JUST about six weeks into the new year and on the antiques fair front things are much like last year. Fairs so far have neither really flourished nor foundered. At best they tick over with some dealers doing very well. At worse they end with no exhibitors having enjoyed any real success. We are still waiting for the blockbuster fair.

Winning hearts and minds with a Valentine rent-a-sonnet

13 February 2004

FAR from the traditional image of the stuffy bookseller, Mayfair-based Biblion, who deal in antiquarian books and first editions out of Davies Mews, W1, are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with what can best be described as a sonnet-o-gram.

Lack of right place in town brings a sad parting in the country

13 February 2004

AFTER a couple of years in the country, London dealer Alasdair Brown has returned to Chelsea and is preparing to dive back into the London trade melee.

Prints expert Isaac moves out of O’Shea’s shadow

06 February 2004

ONE of London’s most concentrated areas for art dealing, St. James’s, SW1, has a new gallery specialising in fine antique prints – Isaac and Ede at 1 Duke of York Street (Tel: 020 7925 1177).

Scam guides talk tough on ‘debts’

02 February 2004

New company threatens duped dealers: The many victims of the misleading fair guides that landed dealers and auctioneers with bills for hundreds of pounds are being contacted again by an aggressive overseas debt collection company.

Top two link up in medieval Manhattan

02 February 2004

FOR their third biennial exhibition, Blumka Gallery of New York and Kunsthandlung Julius Böhler of Munich join forces for a truly stunning collection of recent acquisitions at Blumka’s premises at 209 East 72nd Street.

Why The Last Samurai is the hero of sword sellers of New York…

15 January 2004

CAN a mere movie affect the antiques market? The answer would appear to be yes, at least in New York where, since the release of The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise, interest in the ancient Japanese weapons of the Samurai has soared with a significant number of new collectors entering the field declaring they have been inspired by the film.

New berth for Westbourne veteran

15 January 2004

LONDON: OPENING in the heart of Greenwich this week is a familiar name in a new location, Walpoles, which is located at 18 Nelson Road, London SE10 9JB (Tel: 0208 305 3080).

LAPADA veterans furnish a new director

08 January 2004

WELSH period furniture dealer Ian Anderson of F.E. Anderson & Son has joined LAPADA’s board of directors. Mr Anderson’s business was started by his great-grandfather in 1842 and he still works from the original four-storey premises in the High Street of Welshpool, Powys. “We were one of the original members when LAPADA was set up,” said the new director, who joined the family firm upon leaving school in 1966.

Partridge reinvent themselves and start reaping the benefits

18 August 2003

LAST year was not a good year for Partridge Fine Art – in fact according to John Partridge, the firm, founded in 1905, suffered their worst set of results in his 46-year chairmanship. Now, however, a change in business direction is helping the Bond Street dealership – one of the capital’s most venerable and traditional – to turn their fortunes around.