Woolley & Wallis

Salisbury-based auction house Woolley & Wallis is a leading UK provincial saleroom.

Founded in 1884, they now hold regular specialist sales in areas from Asian Art and Tribal Art to 20th Century Design, Jewellery, European Ceramics, Arms & Armour and Fine Art.

In 2016, they opened a London office in Mayfair.


Salisbury sale includes pieces from the Jonathan Horne collection

28 August 2023

The glass and ceramics sales held by Woolley & Wallis usually include several designated single-owner collections and properties and the September 19 auction is no exception


Unusual styles at the sharp end: needlework pictures and paper cuts

07 August 2023

Do embroidery and cut-paper pictures count as art? Bidders certainly appreciate their expertise

Table service

Hoffman and Stoclet prove the perfect partnership at auction

26 June 2023

Elements of an avant garde silver and malachite table service designed by Josef Hoffman for the Palais Stoclet in Brussels sold to a single buyer for £505,000 (£636,300 including 26% buyer’s premium).


‘Unrecorded and possibly unique’ Arita porcelain adds up to £54,000

12 June 2023

The first recorded order for Arita porcelain by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) is dated 1653.

Silver tabke service

Splendid Hoffman Palais Stoclet service on offer at auction

05 June 2023

Woolley & Wallis is selling elements of a silver and malachite table service designed by Josef Hoffman for the Palais Stoclet in Brussels.


Dealer recognises Victorian value in a stone that could be broken up

05 June 2023

It’s not unusual for an antique jewel containing a particularly high-quality stone to be broken up after its purchase – the intrinsic value greater than the value of the whole.

Marble stele

Stoclet Buddhist stele in high demand at auction

29 May 2023

This 2ft 7in (78cm) high white marble stele depicting the Buddhist goddess Guanyin on a lotus throne between two bodhisattva was carved in the Northern Qi dynasty.

Martinware birds

Martinware birds flock to Salisbury

22 May 2023

Salisbury auction house Woolley & Wallis is holding a Martin Brothers anniversary exhibition from June 13-22.


Milsted a star six times over

08 May 2023

For those of us who feel tired even thinking about competing in the London marathon, Woolley & Wallis’ managing director Natalie Milsted's recent achievement is truly awe-inspiring.


Crowning glory: George II coronation relic rings a bell

01 May 2023

George II coronation bell has considerable regal appeal at £7200


London as seen before the big blaze

01 May 2023

View of the city ahead of the Great Fire was attributed to a Dutch artist who produced several panoramas


Drug jar was designed for the Western market

01 May 2023

This blue and white drug jar was made in Edo period Japan, c.1650, for the Western market.


Guanyin on hand thanks to a noted collector

01 May 2023

This rare 2ft 7in (78cm) high white marble stele depicting the Buddhist goddess Guanyin predates was carved in the Northern Qi dynasty, (550-577AD), around the time of the Sutton Hoo hoard.


Two single-owner collections of drinking glasses on offer

17 April 2023

The sale held by Catherine Southon at the Farleigh Golf Club in Surrey on April 26-27 includes a single-owner collection of 18th century drinking glasses.


Privateer tribute forms the earliest piece of documentary Lowestoft

20 March 2023

A broad mix of English and Continental pottery and porcelain was on offer in the latest dedicated ceramics sale held by Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’s premium) in Salisbury, a fair slice of it contributed by single-owner collections.


Jewellery: Why Georgian paste is bringing some surprising sums

13 March 2023

Once dismissed as mere costume jewellery, Georgian paste is an art form in its own right with prices to match


Romantic ring that is ‘so much more than the sum of its parts’

13 March 2023

A hugely romantic 18th century enamel, ruby and diamond ring sold for £16,000 at Woolley & Wallis (£25% buyer’s premium) in Salisbury on February 1-2.


Mourning rings: Remembered in gold and enamel

13 March 2023

A collection of Georgian gold and enamel mourning rings with aristocratic pedigrees comes for sale at Woolley & Wallis on April 20.


The exotic appeal of coconuts and porcelain

06 March 2023

Cups with coconut bowls mounted in silver or silver-gilt were fashionable rarities in western Europe throughout the 16th and early 17th century. At the time the coconut was, like other ‘exotics’ such as nautilus shells or imported pottery and porcelain, held in high esteem.


The sweet scent of victory – Nelson remembered in silver

06 March 2023

A private collection of naval and military vinaigrettes was among the highlights of a recent Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’ premium) Silver & Objects of Vertu auction. It included examples of both familiar and less-familiar models.