Art and antiques news from 2010

In 2010 a new fair - Masterpiece - debuted in London following the demise of the fair at Grosvenor House.

US comic books reached the US$1 million mark when issue one of Action Comics (Superman) was sold by a New York dealer. Two days later the first Batman comic made $900,000.

Fake Olympic medals appearing on eBay

18 January 2010

SPECIALIST dealers believe fake medals from the XXIXth Olympiad in Beijing are appearing for sale on eBay.

New scientific technique for spotting fakes using ‘visual signature’

18 January 2010

SCIENTISTS in the United States have unveiled a ground-breaking piece of technology to identify fake pictures.

Salerooms post mixed annual results after difficult year

11 January 2010

IT was undoubtedly a challenging year for many but two of the UK’s leading regional art and antiques salerooms enjoyed record sales in 2009.

Parties settle over Picasso ‘sold under duress’

11 January 2010

AN agreement over the disputed Blue Period Picasso painting The Absinthe Drinker may well lead to a clearer legal definition of what constitutes art sold under Nazi duress.


Mother Superior Mouseman

11 January 2010

AS part of a decision to downsize, St Joseph's Convent at Haunton in Staffordshire sold the remainder of their collection of oak furniture and accessories by Robert Thompson (1876-1955) at Richard Winterton of Lichfield.

London Coin Fair sold on

11 January 2010

The London Coin Fair has been sold by its proprietors of over 30 years, Frances and Howard Simmons, to Mike and Lu Vessid.

Law joins fight against former Partridge owners

11 January 2010

MARK Law, the former chairman of Partridge Fine Art, has issued a statement confirming his intent to sue the previous owners of the Bond Street dealership for the money he has laid out for the purchase of the firm since 2005.

Heavy snow affects sales calendar

07 January 2010

AUCTIONEERS across Britain showed a remarkable degree of stoicism as they battled to hold sales while knee-deep in snow. Fortunately it was a relatively quiet time of the year for the sales calendar.

Swinderby falls to cold snap

07 January 2010

AMONG the first major casualties of the winter weather is IACF’s third fair at the RAF Swinderby site. With no permanent buildings at the airfield and the long-term forecast predicting the coldest winter for many years, the organisers have already announced the cancellation of the next fair scheduled for February 2-3.

Writs fly over latest chapter in Partridge saga

04 January 2010

THE extraordinary saga over Partridge Fine Art has taken another twist with a legal row over claims of long-term systematic fraud and faking by the Bond Street dealership.


Christmas time costs £340,000

04 January 2010

The demand for golden age English clocks has been on something of a high for several years now and shows little sign of abating.

Haughtons’ New York Fine Art Fair facing the axe

04 January 2010

THE recession continues to take a heavy toll on the New York fairs scene and the first casualty of the new year looks set to be the Haughtons' International Fine Art Fair.


A warrior’s £19,500 battle cry

04 January 2010

FOUR centuries of contact with the North American continent – exploration, trade, settlement, war and missionary activity – mean that, just occasionally, spectacular Native American art objects are found in the United Kingdom.


Crabtree glass collection toasts end of the year

02 January 2010

Traditionally a glass sale is always one of the last pre-Christmas auctions in the London rooms.