Art and antiques news from 2009

The most successful edition of the Grosvenor House fair in London took place in 2009. It was the event’s 75th anniversary year but soon after the owners of the hotel said the fair would not be staged the following year. It was quickly replaced by Masterpiece at a different venue.

Also in 2009, dealer association LAPADA launched a new fair in a marquee in Berkeley Square in London's Mayfair and the buying power of Chinese nationals became a major force at auctions around the world.

Horwich to lead Bonhams’ picture team

02 November 2009

BONHAMS have appointed Jonathan Horwich as Global Director of Picture Sales, starting on December 1.

Christie’s new insurance for UK private clients

02 November 2009

CHRISTIE’S have launched a one-stop insurance service for UK private clients, taking in all their insurance requirements in a single-payment policy package.


Be wary of Churchill funeral pamphlets arriving by mail

02 November 2009

AUCTIONEERS across the country have recently been the recipients of this potentially interesting document, a copy of The Order of Service for the Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, 30th January 1965.

New call to sign petition for government to back trade

02 November 2009

THE next couple of months bring the final chance to sign up to the petition calling on the government to give better support to the art and antiques industry.

Bonhams switch general catalogues to the web

02 November 2009

THE familiar Art and Antiques mini-catalogues synonymous with Bonhams' regional general sales are to disappear at the end of the year.


Being practical about early English chairs

30 October 2009

AFTER nearly 50 years as a dealer, Tobias Jellinek makes no apology for having written what he describes as “a practical book” about early English chairs, stools and other seating rather than a furniture history book.

1913NE01X.jpg (3)

‘Life with a Leonardo’ – buyer Peter Silverman talks to ATG

26 October 2009

THE dealer/collector who bought what is now widely thought to be a previously unrecognised work by Leonardo Da Vinci has given ATG details of the events leading up to the revelation.


Lukewarm at Frieze week in London

26 October 2009

IF you’re looking for a painting that sums up the problems suffered by the contemporary art market over the last year, then this work by Peter Doig (b.1959) is a pretty good candidate.

Lawyer’s alert over sharing of information

26 October 2009

AUCTIONEERS and trade associations sharing information on undesirable clients have to be careful that they are not breaking the law.


Remembering Trafalgar – a £320,000 battle flag

26 October 2009

A MASSIVE Union Flag that flew from one of the ships at the battle of Trafalagar has sold at auction for £320,000.

Dealer events announced for National Antiques Week

26 October 2009

NATIONAL Antiques Week runs from November 23-30, and a number of dealers have already announced events to mark the occasion.


Lear’s nonsense drawings sold in Chichester

26 October 2009

THE original drawings that Edward Lear made for his 1846 A Book of Nonsense are now rare, and those that exist are for the most part held in institutional collections.


Bonhams unveil the greatest classical discovery since the Portland Vase

19 October 2009

ATG columnist Richard Falkiner has hailed the Roman cameo glass vase which has been unveiled by Bonhams as “the greatest classical find since the Portland Vase”.

Lincoln, Swinderby and Newark – how did it all go?

19 October 2009

THE first salvos in the battle between the showground fairs giants saw up to 4000 exhibitors head to Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire earlier this month.


Record for Irish sculpture

19 October 2009

IS there still life in the Irish art market? The auction record for a piece of sculpture by an Irish artist was broken at Adam's 140-lot sale of Irish art on October 14.

Masterpiece hope to have venue settled by Christmas

19 October 2009

THE organisers of Masterpiece, one of the hopefuls in the race to fill the gap left by the Grosvenor House fair, hope to have their venue settled by the end of the year.

Export licence unit to stay in London for now

19 October 2009

THE London art trade has welcomed the news that the Acquisitions, Export and Loans Unit’s (AELU) move to Birmingham has been delayed by three months.


Mainland Chinese buyers flex their muscles

19 October 2009

SOTHEBY’S latest Hong Kong Asian series saw mainland Chinese buyers come of age in the field of Imperial Chinese art.


The nostalgia-powered 21st century production line

17 October 2009

TO visit Vectis Auctions, the toy specialists based near Stockton-on-Tees with annual sales of £5m, is to catch a glimpse of the auction business as it might be in the future.


Tiger, tiger burning bright

17 October 2009

AMONG the more run-of-the-mill furnishings that constitute the bulk of the popular Interiors sales at Christie’s South Kensington, there are often a handful of more quirky items.