Designed by Sir Ambrose Heal himself and made at his workshops in 1899, this rustic oak settle chair now costs £2950.

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Few would argue that there is no firm more fitting to be associated with such a show.

Heal's heritage is rooted in the Art and Crafts movement and, although it was founded in 1810, the store's heyday was during the years of Sir Ambrose Heal, who worked in the store from 1893 to 1953 as craftsman, designer and finally chairman.

Partly a revolt against industrialisation and inferior mass-produced furniture, Arts and Crafts was a determined effort to re-introduce handcrafted furniture to the marketplace.

Sir Ambrose Heal embraced this concept with gusto, designed the lines himself and put them into commercial production while retaining the aesthetic principle.

The Arts & Crafts Society first recognised Sir Ambrose in 1899 when oak furniture he had designed for his shop was showcased at one of the society's

This led to the furnishing of the Hotel Standard in Sweden - the international dimension of Arts & Crafts is a facet of the movement which will be highlighted in the spring exhibition.

Sir Ambrose was knighted in 1933 in recognition for his services to design.

It is of little surprise that Heal's are planning a lot of in-house activity at the Tottenham Court Road store to coincide with the opening of the V&A show.

One of the ways they are marking their sponsorship is to reintroduce for sale some of their original furniture from the Arts & Crafts era.

They have sourced original Heal's furniture from all parts of the UK and, from March 17, will offer on the ground floor some 35 pieces, ranging from simple, rustic designs to sophisticated commissions.

Many were designed by Sir Ambrose himself.

Among these is a striking mahogany bedroom suite comprising wardrobe, dressing table and rush-seated side chair.

Made at Heal's workshops in 1898 it will cost £17,500.

Available at £2950 is a rustic oak settle chair of 1899, with original fabric to the back and sides and inside arm rest.

During the exhibition, the store will also launch a range of reproduction furniture inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and will be marketing all manner of luxury goods associated with the show.

These will include luggage and stationery in a fabric which replicates an original apple print fabric designed by Lindsay B. Butterfield for Heal's which features in the V&A exhibition.