Impressionist and Modern Art

One of the flagship sectors of the art market comprising works by artists from the late 19th century through to first half of the 20th century. This area includes works by Impressionist, Surrealist, Expressionist and Cubist painters.


Brancusi bird soars to $24.5m record

12 May 2005

Bird in Space, right, an unrecorded marble version of one of Constantin Brancusi’s most celebrated and iconic subjects, was the toast of Christie’s $126.8m Impressionist and Modern art sale last week in New York.


Renoir archive emerges in US

12 April 2005

Maryland auction house Hantman’s will sell personal artefacts and archival material relating to Pierre August Renoir at auction on May 14.


Success à la Carte

26 January 2005

ANTO CARTE (1886-1954) has emerged as the darling of the Belgian auction scene in recent years, and was again responsible for the country’s top saleroom price in December.


Recluse who paved the way in Paris

18 January 2005

SOME areas of the art market seem impervious to the changing winds of taste. One is quality pictures of great European cities by recognised artists which appeal across the usual boundaries of generations and national borders.


Picabia’s flirtation with Surrealism

11 January 2005

A Dada still life collage by Francis Picabia that came with an equally illustrious trail of previous owners headed the modern art sale at CalmelsCohen (20.33-11.96% buyer’s premium) on December 6.


Dali as Chemist

04 January 2005

Containing several hundred pencil drawings, a Spanish chemistry textbook used by Salvador Dali during his student days at the San Fernando Academy of Art in Madrid was sold for $12,000 (£6280) in a Sotheby’s New York sale of December 3.

Bush victory helps bidders give their vote of confidence

11 November 2004

NERVES in New York’s art market, just like those in the New York stock market, were settled by the swift resolution of the US presidential election.


Kupka’s factory job

14 October 2004

THE Mira Jacob Collection sale at Bailly-Pommery-Voutier & Sotheby's (23.92 - 14.35% buyer's premium) included a smattering of drawings and watercolours by artists outside the dealer’s sphere of influence – from a small Picasso ink sketch of a Glass and Jar, bought in at €44,000, to a Degas pencil portrait of Thérèse Degas, 11 x 8 1/2in (28 x 22cm), which sold at a quadruple-estimate €77,000 (£52,400).


Filiger is the solo choice

14 October 2004

DELVAUX and Redon were among eight artists granted solo exhibitions at Jacob’s Bateau Lavoir gallery in Rue de Seine between 1960 and 1986, along with James Ensor, Charles Filiger, Bernadette Kelly, Pierre Klossowski, Marie Laurencin, and Paul Wunderlich – all represented at Bailly-Pommery-Voutier & Sotheby's (23.92 - 14.35% buyer's premium), notably Filiger with 13 lots, and Ensor with eight.


£530,000 day suggests more Anglo-French sales are on the books

14 October 2004

DAY two of the sale of the Mira Jacob Collection, held by Bailly-Pommery-Voutier & Sotheby’s (23.92 - 14.35% buyer's premium), was devoted to prints and illustrated books and yielded €780,000 (£530,000) with all but seven of the 166 lots selling.


Intimate impressionism

09 September 2004

CAPE Cod auctioneers Eldred’s of East Dennis had a busy August schedule and results from their series of Asian and Americana sales will appear in future US Selections, but seen here are two of the 970 lots found in an August 12-13 sale of Fine & Decorative Art.


The enduring appeal of Dyf

08 September 2004

COLLECTING fashions come and go, but the redoubtable Marcel Dyf (1899-1995) never seems to be short of admirers. This signed 23 1/4in x 2ft 4in (59 x 71cm) canvas, right, La Courbe de la Rivière, was the lone picture highlight of Dreweatt Neate’s (15% buyer’s premium) August 24 sale in Bristol when it sold to the London trade at £7600 against an estimate of £4000-6000.


Drouot salerooms look eastwards to catch buyers

19 August 2004

EIGHT market-fresh female bronzes by Aristide Maillol, ranging in height from 8-12in (20-30cm) and designed between 1896 and 1905, surfaced in the Binoche (20% buyer’s premium) saleroom on July 2.


Pissarro drawings of Venezuela

21 July 2004

A 56-sheet sketch book by Camille Pissarro, 8 x 11in (21 x 28cm), dating from his stay in Venezuela between April and August 1854, sold for €150,000 (£100,000) at Piasa (20.33/13.16% buyer's premium) on June 18.


‘Younger and edgier’ mood helps new-look Bonhams to great start and £2.9m total

07 July 2004

HAVING spent millions of pounds revamping their Bond Street flagship saleroom, could Bonhams (19.5/12% buyer’s premium) succeed in attracting the sort of prestigious consignments of Modern and Contemporary art which are going to be the life-blood of any successful international auction house in the early 21st century?


Post-1900 works take the honours at London sales

28 June 2004

TWENTIETH century and Contemporary art underlined their status as the key growth areas for the major auction houses when London’s June round of Part I Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary sales netted £120.4m. Six months ago the equivalent sales took £94m, while back in June 2003 – when war was raging in Iraq – they could only muster a relatively modest £81m.


American Impressionists in Paris

16 June 2004

TWO of the more successful lots from a May 14 sale of American and European pictures held in Boston by Skinners are seen here.

Bloomsbury launch Imp and Mod department

26 May 2004

RECENTLY renamed and relocated, Bloomsbury Auctions have launched an Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art department.


Picasso knocks Van Gogh off the top spot with $93m portrait study

11 May 2004

AUCTION history was duly made at Sotheby’s New York on the evening of Wednesday, May 5 when Picasso’s iconic 1905 Rose Period canvas, Garçon à la Pipe, was knocked down for a hammer price of $93m (£54.7m), making it the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction.


15 April 2004

BUCKINGHAM-based Dickins Auctioneers have pulled a major rabbit out of the hat for their inaugural Spring picture sale on April 17 by including a previously unseen collection of 24 Erté (1892-1990) gouache theatrical costume designs which will include this one, right, for Showgirls.