Fine Art

Fine art is a staple of the dealing and auctioneering industry, featuring works ranging from Medieval art to traditional Old Masters, and right through to cutting-edge Contemporary art.

While oil paintings represent a large part of the sector, other mediums adopted by artists across the ages include drawings, watercolours, prints and photographs.


Tesson’s delicacies in line with bidders’ taste

24 April 2023

French artist Louis Tesson (1820-70) is best known for his genre paintings in the Middle East and north Africa.


Italian attractions in Philadelphia

24 April 2023

This typical genre scene by Italian painter Alessandro Milesi (1856-1945) was taken to a multi-estimate $37,500 (£31,000) at a US auction


Painter’s fan design proves a model auction lot in Paris

24 April 2023

This design for a fan leaf painted with two reclining figures of elegant women appeared in an Impressionist and Modern art sale held in Paris


Courbet nude emerges for garden party

24 April 2023

This work is billed as the largest ever nude by Gustave Courbet (1819-77) to be offered at auction


The high priest of German Orientalism

24 April 2023

During the second half of the 19th and the early part of the 20th century, the German artist Ferdinand Keller (1842-1922) had a highly successful career as a painter of historical motifs, some imagined, some of a more documentary manner


ATG LETTER: ‘Wood engraving’ doesn’t cut it

24 April 2023

I’ve always understood that Gwen Raverat (1885-1957) produced woodcuts, not wood engravings, and The Knight of the Burning Pestle, 1909, (ATG No 2587) is certainly a woodcut


Lion hunt painting proves a real catch in Zürich auction

24 April 2023

The biggest surprise at a sale held by Schuler (23/20/16% buyer’s premium) came when the dramatic depiction of The Lion Hunt was offered for SFr3000

John Tunnard Surrealist Landscape

Post-War picks: five Surrealist and abstract pictures at upcoming auctions

21 April 2023

A selection of upcoming lots from the Post-War and Contemporary art sector including a John Tunnard landscape and an Alan Davie abstract.

Risaldar Jagat Singh and Risaldar Man Singh

UK buyer sought for Philip de László painting of two Indian soldiers

19 April 2023

A temporary export block has been placed on a portrait of cavalry officers in the British Indian Army by Philip de László, in the hope it can be purchased by a UK institution.

Vilhelm Hammershoi Music Room

Sotheby’s offers Hammershøi interior scene with highest ever estimate for the artist

18 April 2023

A major painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) will be offered at Sotheby’s evening sale of Modern art in New York on May 16. Pitched at $3m-5m, it has the highest estimate ever placed on a work by the Danish artist.

Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Swynnerton’s Suffragette portrait of Millicent Fawcett enters Parliament

17 April 2023

A rediscovered portrait of a leading figure in the fight for women’s suffrage has been purchased for the UK Parliament.

Nelson bust

Nelson memorabilia busts expectations at Dorset auction

17 April 2023

Nelson memorabilia from a private collection in Devon was keenly fought over at Duke’s Spring auction.

Symbolist drawings

Symbolist quartet leads Christie’s drawing auction series

17 April 2023

A six-figure sum for Belgian Symbolist Fernand Khnopff was the top lot of Christie’s drawing-focused sale.

Hubert Robert drawing

Roman views by artist Hubert Robert drew attention in Artcurial sale

17 April 2023

Also during drawing week, and on the same day and just around the corner from Christie’s, Artcurial held a related art auction.


Real money for Lequeu’s fantasy at Drouot auction centre

17 April 2023

The Drouot auction centre was also celebrating drawing week with no shortage of drawings and works on paper on offer.

Francis Frith photograph

Three events to provide a snapshot of the vintage photographica market

17 April 2023

Collectors of photography have an eyeful next month in London with three fairs dedicated to the art, both vintage and modern.

ATG Lawyer Writes V3 JPG

A Lawyer Writes: Why ‘Studio of’ needs a qualified response

17 April 2023

Do your forensic investigation before bidding to avoid nasty surprises


Salon du Dessin draws in buyers despite Paris protests

17 April 2023

Demonstrations and the bags of rubbish piled up on the Paris streets were no deterrent for visitors to the Salon du Dessin in March.


Racehorses print gallops to £1200

17 April 2023

Bay Malton and Gimcrack are the two most famous flat-racing horses of the 1760s.


Latest Lowry drawing shows rise in demand over three decades

17 April 2023

Simple Salford street scene dating from year after he left art school is now at £70,000 hammer price level