Silver & Silver-plated items

Barkentin and Krall chalice

Barkentin and Krall chalice - £27,500 at JS Auctions.

When it comes to antique silverware, the size and weight of objects does not always determine value. Grand works by the likes of London-based Huguenot Paul de Lamerie or the Germain family in Paris have acquired huge status and value, while small objects such as nutmeg graters, early spoons or vesta cases can command high sums as they have a strong specialist collecting base.

The system of silver hallmarks serves as a quality control, giving an official stamp from showing the metal is of requisite purity, but the marks (or punches) also reveal the year, the place of origin and the identity of the maker, providing pieces of silverware with their own stamped passport of information.


Candlesticks by Coker and Cafe light up sales in Cambridge and Lewes

23 July 2018

Pairs of Georgian candlesticks by the best-known London specialist makers such as William Cafe and Ebenezer Coker continue to sell well enough, as long as condition is acceptable.


Buyers on the scent of Chiswick Auctions silver

23 July 2018

This novelty silver scent bottle, below, appealing to two niche sections largely immune to the swings of the larger silver market, was a target for collectors when offered at Chiswick Auctions (25% buyer’s premium).


Tea and coffee service showing taverns and peasant life serves up £6800 result

23 July 2018

Not every Victorian silver tea and coffee service was sold for scrap in the great meltdown of 2011– when at one point the price reached almost £30 per oz.


Long tongs pick up impressive result in Irish auction

23 July 2018

These outsize tongs, below, proved the major surprise at Adam’s (20% buyer’s premium) in Dublin on June 17.


Pounce pot is example of work by successful Georgian female silversmith

23 July 2018

As collecting evolves, many pieces of decorative, and historically captivating, Georgian silver are priced very keenly at both auction and retail.


Detail in the Devlin

23 July 2018

The recent death of designer Stuart Devlin and the book he published just a few months before could lead to a reappraisal of his work.


Spoon and snail on offer – but nothing sluggish about bidding at Somerset auction

23 July 2018

Considering that Norwich was, after London, the largest and wealthiest city in England from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution, its assay office (1562-1705) was comparatively shortlived. As such, secular silver produced in the city rarely appears on the market.


Falcon Studio silver from HG Murphy family flies into Salisbury sale

23 July 2018

Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’s premium) is currently selling across a number of auctions a cache of items from the family of HG Murphy (1884-1939), whose Falcon Studio produced some of the finest English silver of the inter-war era.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh teaspoon from Glasgow commission sells in Derbyshire

16 July 2018

Four days after fire gutted the Glasgow School of Art designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, this silver-plated teaspoon, below, designed by the great man was offered by Derbyshire auction house Hansons (20% buyer’s premium).


Lancers’ silver standard sells at Lawrences

18 June 2018

As regimental silver, the Victorian centrepiece shown below qualified to be part of the Militaria, Coins & Medals sale at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne and, as a memento of the gallant 9th (The Queen’s Royal) Lancers, it swept the field.


London Silver Vaults – a real-life Aladdin’s Cave

24 May 2018

In the heart of London’s legal district, two storeys underground, lies the world’s biggest concentration of antique silver offered by the world’s most extensive concentration of antique silver dealers. Welcome to The London Silver Vaults.


Meet the faces behind the doors at the London Silver Vaults

24 May 2018

The London Silver Vaults unites dozens of independent firms – many long-standing family businesses – with a shared passion for the gleam of polished white metal. In this advertising feature, we meet some of the faces behind those iron doors.


Silver accessible at three figures

14 May 2018

Another spring sale, another impressive total. But perhaps what distinguished the silver sale held at Woolley & Wallis (25% buyer’s premium) was that the £750,000 total was mainly built up by affordable collectors’ items.


Items once core to collections

14 May 2018

An essential of genteel Georgian life, silver apple corers with their simple elegance were once much prized by collectors. However, a collection of nine early 19th century examples offered at Woolley & Wallis on April 24-25 met a mixed reception, with only five getting away.


Special taste of Battersea wine labels

14 May 2018

A speciality for collectors of silver wine labels are the enamelled examples produced in Battersea in the 18th century.


Mythical beasts and snail in harmony in Salisbury

14 May 2018

Two fine Dutch pieces quadrupled estimates at Woolley & Wallis on April 24-25: a c.1637 wine cup by an unidentified Middelburg smith and a table bell.


Offshore hallmarks to be different to those used in UK, says council

07 May 2018

The British Hallmarking Council (BHC) has decided that hallmarks struck offshore by UK assay offices should be different to those applied in the UK.


Budgen to head medals department at Spink

07 May 2018

Marcus Budgen is to head the Spink medals department after the departure of David Erskine-Hill.


Select modern silver at North Mymms Park

07 May 2018

The increasing market interest in modern designer silver was well catered for among the contents of North Mymms Park offered at Sworders.


High Thai interest served up from country house

07 May 2018

Among the silver from North Mymms Park lots offered at Sworders, a couple of 18th century classics, a c.1735 Scottish bullet teapot and a pair of John Cafe London 1775 table candlesticks, were eclipsed by the surprise success of a scantily catalogued Oriental teapot.