Porcellaneous figure modelled as the circus performer

08 January 2004

Combining exotic subject matter with rarity value, figures of the Victorian lion-tamer Isaac Van Amburgh are among the most desirable of all Staffordshire portrait figures.

When the PM met his high noon

23 September 2003

John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey-Oswald – political assassins have been among the most vilified men in American history. However there is something distinctly British about the strong sympathy vote received by the one man who has successfully done away with a Prime Minister of this country. The Staffordshire potters even made a jug to mark his passing.

Staffordshire leopards are spotted as rarities

19 August 2003

DUELLING pistols often attract considerable interest and one of the top lots in this 1162-lot Welsh sale at Anthemion on 16 July was a pair of pistols by Wogden & Barton, 1795-1803.

Midsummer Midwinter

09 July 2003

ISLINGTON dealers Gary Grant Choice Pieces, specialists in mid-20th century design, particularly textiles, ceramics and glass, host the launch of a new, extended and revised edition of Steven Jenkins’s definitive book on Midwinter pottery this month at their gallery at 18 Arlington Way, London EC1 and from July 25 to August 16 celebrate the launch with a selling exhibition of Midwinter.

Howard sets NEC standards at centre

13 June 2003

BRITISH pottery specialist John Howard, whose particular enthusiasm is Staffordshire, is a familiar figure at quality fairs and when I caught up with him last week on his stand at Olympia he told me that there had been some changes on the home front.

Staffordshire market still bullish

02 May 2003

Devon auctioneers SJ Hales (15 per cent buyer’s premium) have moved to a wider field than the ceramics, and particularly Staffordshire, on which they founded their reputation but this area remains their strength. The 500 varied ceramic lots and nearly 200 Staffordshire pieces took most of the better prices among the 1500 offerings at the new Bovey Tracey rooms on March 12 and 13.

Rare Staffordshire pearlware model of a camel fetched £27,000

28 November 2002

A private collection of Wood family Staffordshire pearlware figures was the main focus of a sale of British ceramics held by Sotheby’s Olympia on November 19.

Forget Aladdin, here’s Cadman’s Cave

10 September 2002

The Margaret Cadman Collection - Preview: The short supply of good quality period ceramics (indeed of all antiques) compared to the golden era of past collecting is a constant lament these days and one often wonders just what has happened to all of them? For several thousand pieces the answer is that they have been squirrelled away for decades in a large Victorian house on the South Coast.

Staffordshire Army gets Rich prices

06 February 2002

There was no charitable quarter given to rival bidders when this plaster bust of General Charles Booth took centre stage at Duke’s (15 per cent buyer’s premium) dispersal of the Timothy Rich collection of Staffordshire figures in Dorchester on January 24.

Potlids and plaques snapped up

06 August 2001

June saw the fourth and final episode in the dispersal of the Ken Smith Collection of Staffordshire pot lids and Prattware by Reading auctioneers Special Auction Services (15% buyer’s premium inc. vat). The 240 lots from the collection, mainly four items per lot, formed part of the 1000-lot event over the weekend of June 9 & 10 and contributed £47,400 to the hammer total of £207,500 for the whole collection of which only a remarkable 23 lots failed to get away.

Nuts about squirrels and crackers about animals

27 June 2001

UK: CHRISTIE'S South Kensington (15/10 per cent buyer’s premium) chalked up another strong result to add to their successful run of mixed- and single-owner Staffordshire pottery auctions with the sale on June 14 of 273 lots from the Oxfordshire dealer Robin Sanders and Sons. A selection that also took in blue and white pearlware and ironstone tablewares but majored on Staffordshire figures, it saw all but 13 lots change hands netting £145,000.

Alcock leopards seize high ground

21 June 2001

UK: STILL relatively new to the auctioneering world as independent auctioneers, the husband and wife team of S.J. Hales (15 per cent buyer’s premium) have already built up a nationwide reputation for Staffordshire and one that was enhanced at their May 30 sale when they could offer this rare early Samuel Alcock porcellaneous pair of leopard groups.

All eyes in the Potteries on a £4700 Lenci blonde

21 June 2001

UK: IN a very busy month for the ceramics world ahead of June’s International Ceramics Fair in London, a couple of unusual items led the first day of this Staffordshire sale although neither was from the Potteries.

PenDelfin sale proves the cat’s whiskers

21 May 2001

Not to all tastes, Bunnykins and PenDelfin figures are strong enough collectors’ items to justify launching a “Bunny Weekend” in Cobridge, Staffordshire by Potteries Specialist Auctions</b. (10% buyer’s premium) on April 28-29.

An American love affair with Staffordshire pottery’s Welsh history

17 April 2001

To what extent the bouyant market for Gaudy Welsh pottery would become deflated if every American collector realised it was actually made in Staffordshire, England, not Wales, is a pertinent question – given the misty eyed view of Scottish/Welsh/Irish history from the other side of pond.

Horse sense at Stoke

09 April 2001

UK: Art imitates life in many ways – few stranger than this 1950’s pottery model of a Shetland Pony.

Staffordshire Earthenwares: a second Representation

02 April 2001

UK: ILLUSTRATED with 21 highly finished engraved plates, each accompanied by a brief explanation, A Representation of the Manufacturing of Earthenware, published in 1827, has a frontispiece of a Staffordshire Pottery and was intended to show the whole process of a pottery at work.

Staffordshire discovery gallops to £12,700

26 March 2001

UK: PEOPLE are rightly reluctant to travel to foot-and-mouth infected countryside, and although the local area was free from the disease, the February sale at Devon-based S.J. Hales was attended by just 25 bidders in the room.