Military Medal

Campaign medals were awarded to cover specified conflicts, while gallantry medals recognise personal accomplishments by members of the armed forces or acts of civilian bravery.

Collecting areas range widely in this field, from regiments and types of medals to those awarded by certain countries or for special forces. Many campaign medal groups will also include gallantry awards too, and the latter involve remarkable stories of heroism.


Beating the U-boats - a Victoria Cross record

11 December 2017

We know how it usually goes with most stand-out Victoria Crosses offered at auction: Lord Ashcroft buys them and they go on display at his gallery in the Imperial War Museum in London. But the record for a VC sold at auction, which has recently been set at London saleroom Morton & Eden, actually went to another bidder with very deep pockets – but thankfully for medals enthusiasts, someone else who is looking to put it on public view.

2321FE MILI morton 2.jpg

Victoria Cross sells for auction record at Morton & Eden and further VC sales are coming up at fellow London salerooms Dix Noonan Webb and Spink

30 November 2017

Victoria Crosses are not exactly that rare at auction, despite being the highest British award for gallantry. However, the unique tales of bravery ensure demand is always high, as evident from the auction record just set at London saleroom Morton & Eden.


Auction of Victoria Cross at Spink marks Passchendaele centenary

13 November 2017

“I died in hell – they called it Passchendaele,” Siegfried Sassoon famously wrote of the First World War carnage which ended in November 1917.

WEB Wolstenholme medals 10-11-17_1.jpg

They think it's all over: football 1966 World Cup commentator's RAF medals up at auction

11 November 2017

“They think it’s all over… it is now!” were the perfectly timed words uttered by TV commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme as England won the 1966 World Cup. Much less well known is that Wolstenholme (1920-2002) had a highly distinguished RAF service record in the Second World War.


Medals for west London and South Africa

16 October 2017

Originally due to be hosted by Rome, the 1906 eruption of Vesuvius meant that London was a late replacement to hold the fourth modern Olympiad in 1908.


Export sought for Canadian VC sold in London

09 October 2017

An unusual medals sale has led to an unusual outcome. An application is to be made to export from Canada the Victoria Cross group won by heroic Lieutenant Colonel David Currie after it was bought by a British private collector.

WEB Lee 2 5-10-17.jpg

Sir Christopher Lee lifetime honours and awards come to auction

05 October 2017

He was famous for film roles such as Dracula in Hammer Horror movies, Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun, Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man, Saruman in Lord of the Rings and Count Dooku in Star Wars. But Sir Christopher Lee’s role in the Second World War is also highlighted in a collection of his awards on offer at Spink on November 1.

WEB light brigade 7-9-17.jpg

Charge of the Light Brigade medal group gallops into Carlisle auction

08 September 2017

‘Into the Valley of Death, rode the six hundred…’ He had a way with words, that Tennyson fellow. And the Charge of the Light Brigade he was writing about also has a stirring effect on militaria collectors.


Medal groups with family values at Charterhouse

04 September 2017

Medal groups awarded to two members of the same family on offer at auction are not unknown but three together is definitely unusual.


Bidding to go behind enemy lines

21 August 2017

Operations behind enemy lines was the theme linking two special forces medals groups sold by London auction house Spink (20% buyer’s premium) on July 26.


Nimrod and the price of 17 minutes of fame for the SAS

21 August 2017

Medals for service in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and long service/good conduct denote a busy 1980s career. In value terms, for a non-special forces unit, it means a price probably within £1000 at auction. But it is a single action lasting about 17 minutes from start to finish which explains why such a group on offer at Woolley & Wallis on November 22 is estimated at £20,000-30,000.


Canadian war hero’s Victoria Cross up at auction in London… in dollars

21 August 2017

A unique Victoria Cross and other awards won by one of the greatest heroes in Canadian history is to be auctioned by Dix Noonan Webb on September 27.


A Rorke’s Drift in pricing for the Zulu War

21 August 2017

Considering there were only 150 men defending Rorke’s Drift against the Zulus, an impressive number of medals awarded after that epic 1879 encounter have come to auction recently.


Previews: £30,000 plus

17 July 2017

ATG’s weekly selection of items on sale at auctions and dealerships.

WEB Soviet medals A 19-5-17.jpg

Soviet WW2 air ace medals soar to £120,000 in London sale

22 May 2017

Lot 1234 made it count for London auction house Dix Noonan Webb despite lurking towards the back of an extensive two-day sale.

WEB DNW 2 - George Stronach 21-4-17.jpg

Lord Ashcroft buys Merchant Navy George Cross for Imperial War Museum public display

11 May 2017

Lord Ashcroft’s superb collection of medals on public display at the Imperial War Museum in London has grown even larger thanks to a George Cross bought at auction.

WEB Norman winter C 3-5-17.jpg

Family medal group at auction shows how torpedoes transformed naval warfare

05 May 2017

The First World War signals the start of ‘modern warfare’ for most military historians. It was when factors such as mass mobilisations, conscription, railways, machine guns, aeroplanes and gas attacks really came into force with devastating results.

WEB lifesave Bowman 10-4-17.jpg

Lifesaving medals sold at auction include lifeboat rescue hero

10 April 2017

It may be military gallantry medals that usually get all the glory but honours awarded to a lifeboat crew member sold in a Devon auction typify civilian bravery.


Follow the paper trail to extra militaria price value

10 April 2017

Research to be followed up or indeed already done boosts the background story and value of a medal group.

WEB Lockdales Douglas medal 5-4-17.jpg

Early sport superstar Johnny Douglas medal sells at Suffolk auction

05 April 2017

Medals are all about the recipient’s story – and few can be as fascinating and action-packed as that of early sports superstar John (Johnny) Williams Henry Tyler Douglas.