Asian Art

This broad umbrella category comprises everything from Qianlong vases to Islamic calligraphy. Asian art has been collected in the West over many generations and inspired many famous European productions. An example is the Japanese porcelain from the Kakiemon kilns, the styles of which that became adopted by European factories such as Meissen. 

Today, demand from Asian buyers has lifted the market of works in this sector across the world.


Celadon moonflask leaps for the stars

03 April 2006

There was high drama at Lyon and Turnbull’s Edinburgh saleroom on March 26 when this celadon moonflask, left, estimated at £2000-3000, shot to a house record £275,000 (plus 19.5/12% buyer’s premium).


A good luck charm brings £41,000

06 March 2006

It was catalogued simply as “a carved and signed ivory netsuke modeled as a dragon” and estimated at just £200-300, but this 11/2in (4.5cm) netsuke shot to £41,000 (plus 15 per cent premium) at Paul Beighton of Thurcroft, near Rotherham on February 26. Why? The reason was twofold.

The Forbidden City unveiled

25 October 2005

There will be a rare chance to glimpse some of the long unseen areas of Beijing’s Forbidden City on November 28, when Henry Tzu Ng of the World Monuments Fund will deliver a lecture at the Royal Academy in conjunction with their forthcoming exhibition – China: The Three Emperors, 1662-1795.

Yuans for the record books

19 July 2005

Two pieces of Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain smashed coveted auction records in the UK salerooms last week.


Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain has always been prized in some quarters but it is now generating much wider levels of interest.

29 June 2005

The July sales of Asian art will be notable for bringing two newly discovered pieces to the market, one in London and the other in Salisbury.


Jarring speculation

06 May 2005

IS this an unusual high-shouldered oviform vase or a jar missing its cover? Was it made in the Qianlong period (1736-95) or does it date to the Emperor Jiaqing’s reign (1796-1820).


Indian pictures on the rise

06 May 2005

Sotheby's New York (20/12% Buyer's Premium) PRICES have steadily risen in recent years for paintings by India’s most established modern artists notably Maqbool Fida Husain (b.1915) and Francis Newton Souza (1924-2002).


Japanese specialist takes koro at £14,000

13 April 2005

Dreweatt Neate (Buyer's premium: 17.5 per cent)SOMETIMES one could be forgiven for thinking that the words ‘Oriental work of art sleeper’, as, for instance, ‘English middle order collapse’ don’t require spaces between them and that, German-style, they are all one word.

Fine Meiji from Cheshire estate

09 March 2005

A local estate was the source of some fine Meiji ivories sold by Cheshire auctioneers Frank Marshall (15% buyer’s premium) of Knutsford on January 11.

US trade left in limbo over call for import ban on Chinese art

08 March 2005

THE future of the United States’ trade in Chinese works of art remains in limbo following a Washington committee hearing to debate a possible ban on imports.

Japanese prints are unexpected Penzance stars

01 March 2005

David Lay, Penzance. January 20 & 21. Buyer’s premium: 15 per cent THERE were rather fewer lots than usual at Cornwall but the 720 on offer were true to tradition; a high take up (around 90 per cent), plenty of two- and three-figure bids on collectables and ceramics, standard furniture creeping into four figures, and one lot taking off.


Missing – 24 years on

14 February 2005

Almost a quarter of a century after it was stolen from its walls, the Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery is again appealing for the return of a Japanese woodblock print that once belonged to Vincent van Gogh.


Dealers spot merits of Meiji

18 January 2005

A massive gulf exists between the very best quality Meiji period (1868-1912) works and the rest.


Owls and pussycats

23 December 2004

THE last of the four annual selling shows of Japanese woodblock prints at The Japanese Gallery, 66D Kensington Church Street, London W8, is Cats, Birds and Flowers which opened earlier this month and continues until February 28, 2005.


Clive of India flask remains in UK – law change suggested

22 December 2004

A LEADING figure in the world of heritage is calling for a change in the export licence rules – after the decision to keep a valuable work of art in the UK.


Copper turns to gold

09 December 2004

A STUNNING early Ming dynasty dish has equalled the highest price ever paid at auction for a piece of Chinese porcelain.


Fonthill at its finest

19 November 2004

THE international Asian art community descended on London from November 4-12 to battle for the best quality Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian material the major houses and dealers could muster during Asian Art in London.


British Museum raid mirrors V&A theft

11 November 2004

POLICE investigating the theft of Tang and Yuan dynasty jewellery and body ornaments from the British Museum on October 29-30 believe the raid could be linked to the theft of Chinese jades from the Victoria and Albert Museum earlier last month.


Specialists rule Qianlong vase is ‘right’ and bid £5000

20 October 2004

A COUPLE of exotic sleepers swelled the tally at Lays Auctions (15% buyer's premium) September 23-24 sale which also boasted healthy prices for more home-grown fare such as Troika and Newlyn copper.

Back from Beijing

14 October 2004

FRENCH dealer in Chinese antique stands, Laurence Paul, is currently showing at an antiques fair in Beijing, but she will be back in time for the first monthly Sunday fair of her winter season on October 17 at the Thistle Kensington Palace Hotel, London W8.