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Antiques Trade Gazette is the essential read for anyone with a serious interest in the art and antiques world. And now, whenever you want to access the latest news, check for information on an object, or find out what auctions are taking place, you can do so using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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“Antiques Trade Gazette is a must for anyone interested in antiques, vintage, collecting and objects that really are our ‘living history’. Lively, revealing, educational and a valuable record of current events, I always look forward to my copy, which I devour from cover to cover”

Mark Hill, antiques and collectables expert


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Unrivalled expertise on art and antiques

Published every week since 1971, Antiques Trade Gazette has a heritage of authority, integrity and accuracy at the heart of its reporting that makes it the essential read for everyone with an interest in the fascinating world of art and antiques.

Breaking news on the key industry developments 

Our journalists uncover breaking news stories to ensure that you stay informed and are able to make insightful decisions. The Gazette's exclusive stories are regularly picked up by the national newspapers long after they've appeared in the Gazette.

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Our researchers spend many hours going through multiple sources to find out what auctions are taking place across the UK and internationally to ensure that you have the very best auction calendar available and don't miss out on an opportunity to acquire or sell a special object.

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Our team of expert writers takes an independent and objective view to bring you the stories that matter. Their knowledge and understanding ensure that you enjoy entertaining and insightful articles that will help you make better buying and business decisions.

Quality supplements to help you understand important developments, key markets and exciting collecting areas

Throughout your subscription, the Gazette will publish quality supplements on important topics, markets and collecting areas that will help you gain a greater insight to ensure you can buy or sell with confidence. Recent supplements have included: A Guide to CITES; Asian Art; Books, Maps and Prints; London Summer Capital of Art.