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Canemania comes to London

11 August 2014

Pick up your stick and head out for ‘Canemania 2014’, the ninth international cane conference, to be held from September 10-13 in London.


Bailey keeps Tatton show on the road

23 March 2004

ESSEX organiser Robert Bailey is not a man easily daunted, which was fortunate when a week before his Cheshire Spring Antiques and Fine Art Fair at Tatton Park he was warned of major road closures for visitors using the M6 and the Manchester route M56.

Review and Preview

29 October 2003

Walking may be an unfashionably slow mode of transport in today’s time-pressured world, but lengthy periods spent on foot in past centuries were made more pleasurable by a vast array of walking aids. This material is now seriously collected and a cluster of cane collections have appeared on the market of late.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sales!

07 July 2003

FRANCE: July and August are periods of considerable saleroom activity for the coastal regions of France. The calendar here lists over 80 different sales scheduled for the next few weeks around the Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts but a much more detailed survey of these regions and forthcoming events is available in a special six-page section of this week’s Antiques Trade Gazette. If you wish to obtain a free copy call ++ 44 (0)207 6600.

Walking the dog – and other canes

19 June 2003

Nineteenth century walking sticks, canes, umbrellas and riding crops were one of John Stewart Parry’s favourite collecting areas – he had more than 180 of them in myriad different forms from dogs’ heads to seashells. Offered on the fifth and final day of Bruton Knowles’ sale in May– the best of the series in terms of atmosphere, said auctioneer Simon Chorley – they all sold, albeit at auction rather than retail levels.

Sell-out in Rome for season’s opener

22 November 2001

SALES IN ITALY: The first auctions to take place in Italy this autumn in the midst of these days of gloom have been encouraging. In Rome on October 30, Christie’s (22.5/18.5% buyer’s premium) sold the contents of the residences of a collector, Michele Falzone del Barbarò. All 362 lots sold for around £400,000, far exceeding the auctioneers’ expectations.