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Do you know of a grater price?

27 April 2005

Capping a sell-out sale of the first instalment of a private collection of nutmeg graters at Woolley and Wallis on April 20 was this unusual Victorian novelty specimen fashioned as a hinged strawberry, which sold for £8200.

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Partridge the venue for silver collection show

16 September 2004

ROBIN Butler’s new book on The Albert Collection: Five hundred years of British and European Silver, is a survey of one man’s 30-year dedication to assembling a collection. The owner commissioned Mr Butler to produce a survey of his mammoth and wide-ranging assemblage of over 700 pieces before his death, and, after he died, his widow wanted the task to be completed.

Staffordshire’s pretty answer to Limoges

24 April 2002

Limoges enamel has its English equivalent in the rustic little boxes produced by artisans in the South Staffordshire towns of Bilston and Wolverhampton during the late 18th century.

Attractions of Wellington’s one-legged Marquess…

11 July 2001

UK: If proof were needed that it is collector’s silver that is the most desirable category of ware in today’s market one could have had no better example than the sale held by Bonhams & Brooks (15/10% buyer’s premium) last Thursday, July 5. This 261-lot auction was especially strong on vertu and collectors items swelled by a number of private collections.