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Jacob Epstein bronze appears North of the Border

16 August 2012

Thomson Roddick Scottish Auctions will sell the collection of the late Andrew Elliott, a solicitor, plantsman and well-known patron of Scottish art who was involved in establishing the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh at their sale in the city on August 30.


Sotheby’s to sell rare Benin ivory mask in London

22 December 2010

IN London on February 17, Sotheby's will sell a rediscovered 16th century Benin ivory mask – and five other rare works from the Kingdom of Benin in Nigeria – consigned by the family of a key participant in the controversial Punitive Expedition. The mask alone is estimated at £3.5m-4.5m.


Why Epstein record is surprisingly modest

01 June 2010

SETTING the highest price ever seen at auction for Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), this lifesize sculpture of a mother and child, overshot its £60,000-80,000 estimate at Sotheby's latest sale of Modern British art in London before being knocked down to a private buyer at £120,000.


20th century talent spotting

18 August 2004

ONE of the most exciting aspects of the ever-growing interest in 20th century British art is the opportunity it offers to rediscover significant, but neglected, talent of the period. For those with a keen eye and prepared to look beyond the mere ‘big’ names, there really are some impressive things out in the market place. Such works, of course, also have the added bonus, more often than not, of falling into the category of affordability.