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Gold prices down

01 July 2013

The price of gold has continued to drop, falling to its lowest level in almost three years, after the US Federal Reserve said it will be winding down its quantitative easing programme.



Hackney hoard comes up for sale

14 November 2011

MORTON & Eden are to auction a hoard of American gold coins discovered in the garden of an East London home where they were buried in fear of a Nazi invasion.

Gold spike in unstable market

22 September 2008

THE instability of stock markets led to sharp rises in the price of gold last week as investors took to buying precious metals as a safe haven from the financial turmoil seen across the globe.

Gold price hits 28-year high

09 January 2008

THE price of gold hit a 28-year high last week as rises in the oil price and inflation fears drove the gold fix to over $850.

Gold price leaps to six-month high

26 February 2007

Late trading in New York on February 21 saw the price of gold rocket $23.50 (£16.50) to $680.50 (£482.50) an ounce, its highest close since July 7 last year. The leap followed publication of the US Department of Labour’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report showing inflation had risen faster than expected in January.

Gold price reflects a world on the edge

20 January 2003

TENSION in the Middle and Far East has sparked a rapid rise in gold prices – the biggest in six years. The gold fix soared £4 an ounce in the second week of January – amplified to a $9 rise by the weakening dollar – as the world continued to brace itself for war in Iraq and further trouble with North Korea. Meanwhile low interest rates have made gold a more promising investment.

Gold prices likely to remain stable

01 October 2002

THE continuing fall in equities and the threat of war in Iraq have supported the gold price, say precious metal dealers Michael Bloomstein of Brighton.