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Rare leopard spotted among Sylvac animals

04 November 2013

As with many areas of collectable ceramics, the marketplace for Sylvac animals has been rather muted in recent times. But, if prices have flat-lined for most pieces then there are still collectors waiting in the wings should something truly rare present itself.

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English slipware lights up Shrewsbury saleroom

16 August 2012

Made around 260 years ago, a rare English slipware press-moulded dish came undamaged from a Welsh Marches vendor into the Shrewsbury salerooms of Halls, lighting up the eyes of fine art director Jeremy Lamond whose specialty is ceramics.

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Rare ‘Snowman’ figure in Gloucestershire

20 June 2012

Seldom appearing at auction, this very rare English, Longton Hall porcelain figure of Guanyin, c.1750 will be offered at Chorley’s June 28, ceramics-focused sale in Gloucestershire.