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CINOA discuss politics

24 May 2005

AT this year’s CINOA General Assembly, held in New York from May 12 to 14, delegates representing dealers associations from more than 20 countries discussed two political areas which they felt threatened the international art market.

Keen trade fill all school places forThames fair

17 October 2003

MORE worthwhile activity from our busy and productive local dealers’ associations which have surely proved their worth now, even to traditionally independent sceptics. As the stalwarts of the Cotswolds Antique Dealers’ Association wrap up their series of exhibitions, the equally industrious members of the Thames Valley Antique Dealers’ Association prepare for their autumn fair.

Keeping the thin red line steady in the buff

02 October 2003

REGIONAL dealers’ associations have become an integral part of the British trade over the past couple of decades and the first of them, the one that set the mould for all the others, the Cotswolds Antique Dealers Association this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

CINOA’s new president sets out his aims for better trade relations

17 July 2002

The UK trade have their man at the helm of CINOA, the international federation of antique dealers associations, for the first time in 13 years. Henry Neville, chairman of Mallett, was elected president at the annual general assembly in Dublin at the end of June.