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Arts & Crafts gems open for viewing

01 September 2008

Every year English Heritage's open days offer free access to thousands of properties that are usually closed to the public. This year’s opportunity runs from September 11 to 14, and from a list of 3500 places there are two of particular interest to students of Arts & Crafts, one in Devon, the other in Surrey.


Voysey is back in black

29 September 2004

RIGHT: he had initially catalogued it as by Archibald Knox, but it was not until Buckinghamshire auctioneer John Dickins removed its cover shortly before the sale that he realised what a rarity he was really offering in this 19in (48cm) high Arts and Crafts mantel clock.

Reflections on a Glasgow mirror at ten times estimate

08 January 2003

Unsigned Arts & Crafts metalwork has lately been getting the sort of high prices normally reserved for attributable material and this copper-mounted mirror, right, was no exception – the sleeper of Bonhams’ (17.5/10% buyer’s premium) sale of Decorative Arts at Glasgow School of Arts on November 28.