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William Moorcroft vase up for sale in Surrey

12 March 2014

This 13in (33cm) Macintyre & Co Florian ware vase dated to 1898 and designed by William Moorcroft is going under the hammer at Catherine Southon’s sale in Surrey.


Landseer’s dog at debut sale

08 November 2012

This pencil drawing by Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-73) is of his own dog Brutus and dates from the mid 19th century.


Tompion’s sunny side

10 August 2004

THOMAS Tompion may be England’s most celebrated 18th century horologist, but he is less widely known for his exquisitely crafted sundials, a signed example of which furnished Sotheby’s Bond Street (20/12% buyer's premium) with their undisputed highlight on June 15.

Incomplete – but scarcity triumphs

17 June 2003

The combination of a single-owner collection in a specialist niche corner of the market with a not over-large and mostly market-fresh selection of realistically estimated material were the keys to the warm reception that greeted Sotheby’s (20/12% buyer’s premium) sale of Scientific instruments in their Olympia rooms on May 28. All bar 15 of the 155 lots, just short of 90 per cent (92 per cent by value) changed hands for a total of £262,350.