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Proof that some silver does do well

08 May 2003

WHILST it is widely acknowledged that the antiques trade is currently suffering a significant downturn, the silver market has been in the doldrums for much longer.

Schotten on the green with golf show

08 April 2003

FOR the fourth year the Oxfordshire specialist in sporting antiques Manfred Schotten and the London picture dealer Nick Potter have got together for a selling exhibition of golfing art and memorabilia, but for the first time this year the show, which runs until April 17, will be held at Mr Schotten’s shop in Burford.

Lalique peacock high flier

09 May 2002

Over the years, car mascots have been used to advertise not merely the marque of the machine but also as good luck charms and were patriotic symbols during the First World War. In the mid-Sixties, car mascots were banned in the UK, being deemed a ‘danger to public safety’ because of the injuries they could cause in collisions. Since then, naturally, their collectabilty and value has steadily increased.

Handy for glass, picky for pine

11 July 2001

Buyer’s Guide to Glass by Jeanette Hayhurst. ISBN 18400003618. £19.99. Buyer’s Guide to Pine & Country Furniture, edited by Jo Wood. ISBN184000374X. £19.99.