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Wartski secure ‘Staffordshire Tutankhamun’

28 May 2013

London jewellers Wartski have donated the £57,395 necessary to purchase the 81 additional pieces of Anglo-Saxon treasure found last November in the same field as the 3,500-piece Staffordshire Hoard.



The first American porcelain – in Britain

04 February 2013

Students of American ceramic history have long been taught that the first successful producers of porcelain in North America were Gousse Bonnin (1741-c.1780) and George Anthony Morris (1741/5-73), who ran the short-lived American China Manufactory in Philadelphia between 1769 and 1772.



Metal detecting prosecution hailed as a landmark case

12 January 2013

Two metal detectorists have been given suspended jail sentences in what is being hailed as a landmark case for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. It is the first time that such a ruling has been made since the scheme, which was piloted in the 1990s, came fully into force in 2003.