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Wartski secure ‘Staffordshire Tutankhamun’

28 May 2013

London jewellers Wartski have donated the £57,395 necessary to purchase the 81 additional pieces of Anglo-Saxon treasure found last November in the same field as the 3,500-piece Staffordshire Hoard.



The first American porcelain – in Britain

04 February 2013

Students of American ceramic history have long been taught that the first successful producers of porcelain in North America were Gousse Bonnin (1741-c.1780) and George Anthony Morris (1741/5-73), who ran the short-lived American China Manufactory in Philadelphia between 1769 and 1772.



Metal detecting prosecution hailed as a landmark case

12 January 2013

Two metal detectorists have been given suspended jail sentences in what is being hailed as a landmark case for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. It is the first time that such a ruling has been made since the scheme, which was piloted in the 1990s, came fully into force in 2003.



Evill-Frost raises the Mod Brit bar

20 June 2011

BILLED as “the greatest collection of Modern British Art ever to come to the market”, the sale of the Evill-Frost collection at Sotheby’s in London did not disappoint.

Portable Antiquities Scheme funding cut 15%

29 November 2010

FUNDING for the Portable Antiquities Scheme is to be cut by 15 per cent in real terms over the next four years, with the biggest impact likely to be on staff costs.