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Advertising the key to sale’s success

18 July 2012

This Eglentine Metal sign has never come to the open market before but is on offer among about 250 lots of advertising including showcards, packaging, mirrors and over 300-400 enamel signs to be sold at The Chippenham Auction Rooms on July 21.

LAPADA to help with road sign costs

07 September 2007

LAPADA are to contribute to the costs of installing the approved antiques road sign to encourage association members to get them in place quickly.


From scrap metal to pure gold at £28,000

21 June 2005

“The world of enamel signs is like football and this sign is like Manchester United. It's in near-perfect condition and is a remarkable survivor. What were once considered scrap metal are now being seen as the works of art they really are.”

Vendors keep up with rising demand

11 January 2002

Fresh supplies of quality antiques may be drying up but collectables such as antique advertising, pot lids and bottles show no sign of running out.

Before e-mail there was émail

01 November 2001

Enamel Advertising Signs by Christopher Baglee and Andrew Morley, published by Shire Publications. ISBN 0747805105. £4.50

The Gaudy show goes on

05 March 2001

UK: FOLLOWING these Surrey room’s Gaudy Welsh extravaganza last November, a further 40 pieces featured in their 500-lot January sale.