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Gold Aureus takes $130,000 at New York sale

13 January 2014Written by ATG Reporter

Baldwin’s and their partners began 2014 in style at the ‘New York International Numismatic Convention’.

Featured in the January 8, New York Sale XXII they staged with Dmitry Markov and M&M Numismatics Ltd, the gold aureus pictured here depicting Carinus and Numerian from the Mint of Lugdunum was struck in 284AD.

It was struck when Carinus and his brother were co-emperors following the death of their father Carus. Carinus took the western half of the empire while Numerian was in the East. However, their joint rule was short-lived, as Numerian was murdered by his soldiers who preferred to install Diocletian as emperor.

Estimated at $30,000, the hammer fell at $130,000.

There will be more on this sale and the other NY Inc auctions in a future issue. 


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