Tuesday - 09 February 2016

Who says 40% of UK antiques are fakes?

23 September 2013Written by Ivan Macquisten

Recent publicity for the new TV series ‘Treasure Detectives’ prompted a number of articles claiming that 40% of all antiques on the UK market are fakes.

ATG have discovered that the official-sounding report from which the claim arises was commissioned by the TV company making the series - a fact that remains unreported in a number of the articles published - and that the TV company has declined to publish the report, instead issuing a press release with a series of bullet point findings from it.

We have also discovered that the limited information released from the report does not support the headline 40% claim in any way.

Now, however, a number of articles and blogs on the internet are spreading the claim even further, effectively reinforcing what has the potential to be a very damaging message for the UK art and antiques industry.

ATG have decided to challenge this claim.

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