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Nobel Peace medal thief is jailed

10 October 2013Written by ATG Reporter

A Nobel Peace Prize medal stolen from the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House in Newcastle is still missing despite a 21-year-old man being jailed for the theft.

Brian Hindmarch of Walker had admitted taking the award given in the 1930s to Arthur Henderson, a pioneer of the Labour Party and campaigner for disarmament, during a raid at the Jesmond premises in April.

Also in the haul - valued at around £150,000 - were a lock of hair from Admiral Lord Collingwood (who commanded the British fleet at Trafalgar after Nelson's death) and a large amount of silver including four presentation cups to commemorate peace with Germany after the First World War and a snuff box from 1897.

None of the items has been recovered, despite a £30,000 reward being offered, the BBC has reported.

Charged with two counts of burglary, Hindmarch was sentenced to six and a half years in prison at Newcastle Crown Court last week.

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