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Expressive and poignant: an artist’s final picture

14 March 2013Written by ATG Reporter

The last work created by Berenice Sydney (1944-1983) is one of four works by the artist appearing at the Modern British and Irish art sale at Christie’s South Kensington on March 21.

Soaring, a 4ft 11in x 5ft (1.51 x 1.52m) signed oil on canvas, dates from April 1983, just a month before the artist's untimely death aged 39 from an asthma attack.

Having staged her first solo show at Drian Galleries in 1968, Berenice Sydney produced a large body of work concerned with themes such as rhythm and balance over the next decade. As her career developed, the style and colours she adopted showed the influence that abstract expressionism had on her work.

Her later works, including this example which is estimated at £4000-6000, are more compact compositions often using leaf-forms to create a lattice of bright colours.

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