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Ravilious’ Boat Race bowl designed for Wedgwood

12 March 2013Written by ATG Reporter

This 12in (30cm) diameter Wedgwood Queen’s Ware ‘Boat Race’ bowl, designed by Eric Ravilious, appeared at a recent sale held by Robertson’s of Kinbuck, near Dunblane.

It was one of the rare original series, made shortly before the onset of the Second World War in which Ravilious, serving as a war artist, would perish while accompanying an RAF air-sea rescue mission off Iceland that failed to return to its base.

Examples turn up only occassionally at auction and this one sold to a private buyer for £2500.

While Wedgwood continued production of other Ravilious designs after his death, the Boat Race bowl was made only in 1938.

It is known as one of his most complex ceramic designs with the creamware bowl printed in black underglaze, and painted overglaze in different coloured enamels.

It is decorated to the sides with views of three stages in the race and the central well has an oval view of the busy London scene of Piccadilly Circus on Boat Race Night.

It was later reissued in a 1975 limited edition of 200, examples of which can now command close to £1000.

The buyer's premium for the sale on February 21 was 15%.

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