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Police appeal over mystery antiques

05 February 2013Written by Tom Derbyshire

Police are appealing for owners of various antiques to come forward. The items – two brass vases, a gold cup, a Chinese vase, a gold frame of a picture of fruit, a gold frame of a picture of flowers and a gold watch - relate to an on-going criminal investigation. The items are currently in the care of the police.

If anyone recognises the items as rightfully belonging to them, once had them in their possession, sold them on at some point or bought them at anytime, they should get in touch with police.

Investigating officer Det Con Gail Morley from King's Lynn CID said: "These items are very distinctive in their look and design and are very eye catching. I'm eager to link these individual objects to the different historical owners to assist in an on-going investigation. If you recognise the items as at one time belonging to yourself or have some knowledge of their recent history then I am keen to hear from you."

Anyone who believes they are the rightful owners or has knowledge of their recent history should contact DC Morley at King's Lynn CID on 101.

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Written by

Tom Derbyshire



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