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First show in Europe for Beasley’s bronzes

19 July 2012Written by Anna Brady

EXHIBITION: Bruce Beasley at Pangolin London

Despite being well known in his native West Coast and further afield, the American abstract sculptor Bruce Beasley (b.1939) has never before had a major solo show in Europe.

But he is having his moment at Pangolin London, who on June 27 opened a summer exhibition of 19 of his spare, geometric bronze structures in Pangolin's vast space at Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1.

The exhibition runs until September 1 and so far Pangolin report an "overwhelmingly good response to the exhibition".

"Bruce is already widely known in the US and overseas and is now beginning to grow in profile in the UK from his 1995 Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibition to the recent monumental public commission due to take place next year," said the gallery.

Beasley was born in Los Angeles and was first introduced to metalworking at school before attending Dartmouth College and the University of California, Berkeley.

He then bought an old warehouse in 1962, in which he built a foundry so he could cast his works himself and invent new processes.

For this exhibition, he has worked closely with Pangolin's affiliated foundry, Pangolin Editions in Gloucestershire, to produce a limited edition work.

Beasley does his initial designs using a 3D computer software system, which he helped to create.

The bronzes are in editions of between six and 12 and prices range from £500 to £77,500.

Contact: 020 7520 1480.

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