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Britain’s best antiques shops – how to get ahead for National Antiques Week

14 November 2011Written by ATG Reporter

ARE you the owner of an antiques shop, vintage shop, antiques centre or auction house? Are you keen to be nominated as one of Britain’s best antiques shops? There have been 1900 nominations so far.

You can download fliers and logos from or

Here are some easy tips on how to boost your profile.

• Make sure the fliers are clearly displayed in your shop.

• Put a story about the competition on your website. People can nominate online so this is the easiest way to encourage them to do so. Make sure too that the logo is clearly visible on the home page of your website. If it's hidden away where no-one can see it, fewer people will be able to nominate you.

• If you're promoting the campaign online, make sure the logo/page links through to either of the websites listed above, so your customers can nominate you straightaway.

• Contact your local paper or radio station and ask them to support you in your quest. Businesses which have done this have had some great press coverage.

• Email your customers to encourage them to nominate you - again if you include a link to the websites listed above they will be able to do it there and then.

• Highlight the campaign via Facebook and Twitter - they're a great way of spreading the word.

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