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Surrey town falls victim to hooded gang targeting silver

20 June 2011Written by ATG Reporter

HASLEMERE in Surrey has fallen victim to a gang targeting silver for melt, two weeks after thieves stole a rhino head from the town’s museum.

CCTV filmed five hooded raiders smashing their way into Objet d'Art jewellery and antique shop at 2.45am on June 11. They wrecked cabinets before grabbing large silver objects, including salvers, tankards and jugs – some modern, others antique – and fleeing the premises in little over three minutes.

The owners believe they were targeted because of the high price of silver, persuading criminals that is worth taking the risk to steal.

The incident follows an early morning raid at Haslemere Museum, at the other end of the high street, on May 27, when thieves stole a stuffed rhino head. Again, the theft was thought to be inspired by the inflated price of rhino horn as a commodity in the Far East.

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