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Bogus PayPal account scam sees shipped antiques disappear

14 February 2011Written by ATG Reporter

A NEW scam involving a fake PayPal account has come to light after a dealer lost £1200 of stock to an ‘overseas buyer’ who never paid.

The dealer in question took an order from a customer giving the name Mary Rolland, who wanted the goods packed and shipped to Japan using a specific shipping company called Global Freight Logistics (Network), a Pakistani company operating out of Dubai that, as it turned out, had ceased trading.

The customer also insisted paying via PayPal. When the dealer received an email, apparently from PayPal, confirming that payment had been cleared, he duly released the goods for shipment.

It was only later that he discovered that the email was a fake and that no such payment had been made. By then the goods were untraceable.

Anyone concerned that their payment security could be compromised in a similar manner is advised to contact PayPal for instructions on how to avoid falling victim to scams.

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