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Mini in miniature sells at £600

29 December 2011Written by Roland Arkell

The range of British die-casts is so massive that enthusiasts tend to narrow the field and collect either by factory, period, vehicle type, category – or a combination of these. Nostalgia has a big part to play.

The 'Toys for the Collector' sale at Special Auction Services on October 6-7 included a collection of Minis. There were rarities from a number of different factories.

Distinctive for its psychedelic decals, the Morris Minor Mostest is among the most desirable Corgi issues from the late 1960s. Introduced on the market without management approval, it was removed from the shelves, but not before more than 400 had sold. The example here, minus its box but graded G-VG, took £600.

An even better example in a near-mint 'Pop Art' box retaining a folded collectors' leaflet emerged at Vectis two months later. On December 7 it sold for a mighty £2500.

Also pictured here is a Spot-on No.211 Austin Sevenin turquoise with red interior that sold in its original box for a surprise £550 (estimate £60-80). This popular model was made in a number of different colours but boxed examples are scarce: an empty box on its own took £280 at Vectis on October 19.

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