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From Shambles to a well-oiled machine

08 May 2009Written by ATG Reporter

ANTIQUES delivery specialist Mail Boxes Etc. have taken on a logistical challenge and a half, having agreed to handle the shipping for the forthcoming Shambles Museum sale.

The one-acre site in Newent, Gloucestershire, boasts one of the largest collections of everyday Victorian artefacts in the country that will be sold in some 2500 lots by Prinknash Abbey auctioneers Simon Chorley in a marquee from May 18 to 21.

The museum operated for ten years but closed last October after the owners decided to pursue other projects.

“Everything must be cleared from the site by the end of the auction week, lock, stock and barrel, so we needed to find a trustworthy partner to help us handle the logistics,” commented Mr Chorley.

Mail Boxes Etc were chosen to handle the entire packing and despatch service that will be offered to remote bidders and others who prefer not to collect their purchases by the strict deadline of 4pm on May 23.

David Owen, who owns the franchise for Mail Boxes Etc. in Cheltenham, will lead the operation from one of the buildings at the museum.

“Although this auction is on a much larger scale than any we have serviced before, we have a good idea of what resources we’ll need for the event,” he said.

“We’re even planning to respect the atmosphere of the museum by having our on-site booking staff wear authentic Victorian costumes.”

Items for sale include an Avery cast-iron machine offering change for gold sovereigns, which is believed to be only one of two left in existence, moulds for cutting leather, a glove sewing machine and Doulton tree labels originally from Highnam Court. Estimates range from £50 to over £1000.

By Roland Arkell

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