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Auctioneer issues warning after violent knife attack

22 December 2009Written by ATG Reporter

Auctioneer Nick Hall of Frank Marshall in Knutsford has issued a warning to dealers and auctioneers to be wary of bogus appointments after he was the victim of a vicious attack.

Mr Hall was contacted by a man, who gave the name of Simon Taylor, requesting a valuation of his father’s collection of Moorcroft at an address in Stoke-on-Trent. On Thursday December 17, as the auctioneer was driving from Cheshire to the address, he received a call from Taylor, changing the location of their appointment.

He claimed his father was being difficult about the sale of the items and suggested meeting instead at an industrial estate in Stoke.

When Mr Hall parked on a quiet side road, he was met by a man who punched and threatened him with a knife. After a struggle, the auctioneer’s car, a pale gold Ford Mondeo estate (registration number EJ06 AYG) was stolen.

Fortunately, Mr Hall was not seriously hurt suffering only cuts and bruises. However, he is eager to alert other dealers and auctioneers who may be targeted by such a scam.

Mr Hall believes his recent presence on daytime television and the possibility that his car might have been filled with vendors’ consignments, could have prompted the incident.

The offender is described as being white, aged in his 20s, of average build, around 6ft tall, wearing a red beanie hat. He spoke in a North Staffordshire accent.

If you have any information or concerns about this crime, please contact Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 4455.

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