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A list of the 23 maker’s marks on pieces identified as problematic by the APC

06 October 2008Written by ATG Reporter

AR - Appolone Rudkins (c.1766)
CO - George Cox (c.1698)
DA - Isaac Davenport (c.1707)
GI - Edward Gibson (c.1704)
GR - Henry Greene (c.1700)
GS - George Smith (c.1782)
IC - John Clifton (c.1685)
IK - John King (c.1697)
IL over a mullet – John Lofthouse (c.1681)
IL - John Lambe (c.1780)
IP - Unknown maker
IS - John Smith (x 2: c.1687/c.1696)
IW - John Wishehalles (c.1730)
LA - John Ladyman (c.1699/c.1700/c.1702/c.1703/c.1707)
LC - Lawrence Coles (c.1683-1697)
LO - Seth Lofthouse (c.1712)
SC - William Scarlett (c.1694 - c.1730)
TL - Thomas Alan (c.1698)
TC - Thomas Chawner (c.1762)
TS over a bird (c.1682)
TZ - Thomas Issod
WS - William Scarlett (c.1694- c.1730)

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