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Treasure hunt helps make open evening a real gem

10 July 2006Written by ATG Reporter

THIS summer's Kensington Church Street Open Evening on June 29 proved a notable success for the many visitors who enjoyed the hospitality and company of the street's many dealers.

And a number of the dealers themselves achieved good business on the night.

Hosted by the Kensington Church Street Antique Dealers Association, as always the party was most ably and affably organised by association chairman Patrick Sandberg and it was in his shop that Antiques Roadshow expert John Bly is pictured drawing the winners of the Treasure Hunt, which proved a big hit on the night.

The competition, sponsored by ATG, entailed deciphering clues in shops up and down the street. Bookseller Adrian Harrington said he "saw many more people moving along the street than usual, obviously due to the Treasure Hunt, a fantastic idea".

The winners were:

1st Prize, £500 antiques voucher, Elizabeth Taylor, London W2.
2nd Prize, £200 voucher, Michael Wilde, London W2.
3rd Prize, £100 voucher, Anita Lonberg, London W8.

Pottery specialist Jonathan Horne said he felt this was "by far the most successful evening we have ever had", but this was partly due to his sale (he moves soon) which engendered bumper business.

By David Moss

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